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Thomas Harrison (Lee, Tom, Helpful) McKnight III

Love Family Remembered
Late 1970s to early 1980s
(100 slides)

Love Family Charter
Love Family Symbols

Second Israeli

The Love Israel Family:
Urban Commune, Rural Commune

Web page of Love Israel's maternal grandfather
Walter Paul "Freiherr" von Marenholtz

Web page of Love Israel's mother
Mildred Irene von Marenholtz Walton

Memorial for
Mercy Apostle Hurst (Vashti)

There will be a “peaceful and meditative” Tribute to Mercy (Vashti) gathering on July 11 @ 17412 Marine Drive, Stanwood, Washington 98292 beginning @ 11:00 am.

To those inclined to participate, take the Marysville/Tulalip exit, off of I-5, (exit 199, when coming from the South), head West for 13.5 miles through very wooded country (same road all of the way).

Take a left turn on a single lane driveway through the woods (at the above mentioned address) towards the water. Carpools are encouraged due to limited parking.

Helpful items to bring: fold up chairs, blankets for sitting, binoculars (beautiful nature site), room for some small tents, possible room for a motor home or two, any personal comfort items.

Children need to be extremely closely monitored due to the proximity of steep cliffs, high tide and the drop off into the water. Canine friends are very discouraged.

Please bring pictures and your favorite memories of our treasured friend.

A table will be provided for the placement of contributed “easy” snack foods, no dishes please, just items that can be handled without utensils, without preparation time, covered and on paper plates, non-alcoholic beverages. Thank you in advance for providing.

Please call Sensible @ 425-232-7541 for any questions.

Planned by Sensible and Felicity to honor our dear friend Mercy. Andrew knows about it and approves.

In Memory Of
Blake Merritt Fisher
B. September 13, 1975
D. February 27, 2009

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Blake Fisher Israel Memorial Page on Facebook

This was the Obituary posted in The Everett Herald

Blake Merritt Fisher, beloved brother, friend, father, son and husband, born September 13, 1975 in Santa Monica, CA, passed away February 27, 2009.

Blake is survived by his lovely long time partner, Compassion Israel; son, Valor Merritt Israel; and daughter, Honor Hope Israel, of Northport, WA. His loving mother, Carla Fisher; and father, Fouad Harfouche; sister; Jory Harfouche; brother, Shane Harfouche; and sister, Jenna Harfouche; grand-parents, Bob and Rusty Fisher, all of Arlington, WA. He is also survived by is biological father, Roland Nilos, of Lebanon; his sister, Amanda Nilos; and sister Julia Nilos, both of Los Angeles, CA.

He will be missed by his tribe and will always be our Lion of Judah.

Manny Landsman
April 14, 1950 - October 25, 2008

New Business
Meaningful Things
Linda Rettinger LMT

Understanding Graduation Party
June 8, 2008

June 8, 2008

Source Family
by Jennifer Sharpe

Part 1
The Birth of Organic, Polygamous Spiritualism

Part 2:
From Source Restaurant to 'Cosmic' Commune

Part 3:
YaHoWa13: A '70s Spiritual Rock Commune Reunites

Audio Slideshow
by Isis Aquqarian

Eric "On" Johannsen
It Takes a Cult
Click here for website
Richard Chapin
on YouTube video as
Interstellar Light Collector
on Good Morning America

Richard Chapin
on YouTube video as
World's First Moonlight Collector
on KVOA/NBC 4 - 08-31-2007

Won Israel
on YouTube video as

Won Israel

Bruce Edwards Artwork
Recently Updated

Gary Collins host of Home Show interview with
Brian Allen and Steve Allen

About his life in the Love Family
circa 1983

1978 Rainbow Gathering - Oregon
Rainbow Gathering 1978 - Oregon -Part 1 of 5
Rainbow Gathering 1978 - Oregon -Part 2 of 5
Rainbow Gathering 1978 - Oregon -Part 3 of 5
Rainbow Gathering 1978 - Oregon -Part 4 of 5
Rainbow Gathering 1978 - Oregon -Part 5 of 5

Each video is a little over 8 mintues.
Video 4 has Fun and Love Family singing "Naturally High"
Video 5 has Integrity and Love Family singing "Brand New Country"
...and the beautiful Warmth dancing...
In 1978 The Rainbow Gathering happened in the Umpqua National Forest east of Roseburg Oregon. In 1978 The Rainbow Gathering happened in the Umpqua National Forest east of Roseburg Oregon.

Directed by Ed Mellnik and produced by the the organization then known as White Light Media Arts.

The entire 45 minute DVD is available for free to anyone willing to pay for shipping and handling $6 and cost of the disc to EMAVIDEO, 1706 NW Glisan Street, Suite7, POrtland Oregon 97209

(click for photos)
Our Grace, some people call her Jackie, her husband Mark in the cowboy hat and Henry Fiddler visit.
Red haired pixie Grace is still the beauty we all knew and loved.
From Henry the Fiddler
Here are some great photos from our visit of May 6, 2007 to the Twelve Tribes' Morning Star Ranch community near Valley Center, California, in North San Diego County, just a short drive from Jackie & Mark's home in Lakeside, Calif. The Twelve Tribes just established this community about 4 years ago, and we are just getting connected with them.

As you know, I came to San Diego this winter and reconnected with Jackie for the first time since the breakup, and met her husband Mark. Shortly after this, I met the Twelve Tribes community and visited their Morning Star Ranch during their Passover week. It was like deju vu every 5 minutes! The bus is a 1948 White with all new 1992 engine, drive train and running gear. That's a propeller on the front, and wings on the side. The couple in the middle of the bus photos are two of our many gracious hosts, Craig and Ruth from Morning Star.

We all ended up visiting on Sunday for a day long festival at their Ranch which is so much like Arlington, it was a total mind blower! We had a great day singing, dancing, playing, touring, eating and talking about our respective community experiences over the past 4 decades. They have a community with a cafe up in Nelson, B.C., near Northport. They also have about 50 communities worldwide. They even have a tall sailing ship that they acquired and rigged recently. Amazing folks. They are truly our relatives!

I was flabbergasted when I met them. With all my travels I thought it must be a dream. Then I realized Love Family was crashing in 1983 and they didn't really start taking off until 1984, from their incubator over in Chatanooga, Tennessee. Then they moved to Vermont, so they were on the opposite side of the continent. But now they are worldwide with 50 communities and a tall ship! Visiting them is really unbelieveable. It's just like winding the clock back 30 years! They are closer than a cousin ... more like an identical twin.

Halloween Pumpkins
October 2007
Asaph Murfin
65th Birthday Party
July 11, 2007
Tom & Sonya Hilter
Happy Place Party
September 22, 2007

Leah and Ken Block Wedding
August 18, 2007

Chip Fackrell
Tiffany's Husband
Nov 23, 1965 - May 12, 2007

Shakti and Mike O'Connell Wedding
July 7, 2007

Om's Kalapana Classic Poster
Om's Surfer Circle composite
Pohoiki Beach Park - Feb 11, 2007
Braddah Om's
Kalapana Classic
Surf Clinic and Expression Session

Celebrate Om Folgers Birthday at Pohoiki Beach Park
February 11, 2007
7am till 12 noon

We will come to Kalapana to teach the kids how t osurf and have
a morning Pa'ina to celebrate the life of Om Folger who passed on 12/12/06.
A great surfer whould have loved this day that we remember and honor
Na Keiki o ke kai.
the kids whom love to play in the water.
Learn to Surf with instructors from Hans Hedemann Surf School
where Om worked and all his friends will be there too.

Prizes from
Vans, Volc-om, Quicksilver, Victory Wetsuits, Instinct (if we can find any)
Da Kine, T&C, Hans Hedemann, Element,
( I am working on donations now )
The day will start with a Pule "Prayer for Om"
life lessons from ma Kupuna
Surf Lessons from Hans Hedemann Surf School
at 11am we go fot the Epression Session
surfing in harmony each catching a wave to express ourselves
cheer each other on and have a great time.

Prizes to be handed out ot the surfers whom had the most fun and the best
attitude towards surfing.

then Malama o ke kai e malama o ka 'aina
we clean the ocean and the land pick up trash

Pule and Pau go watch the SURF
We remember and miss
Om Folger

12-Feb-1972 Guadalajara, Mexico
11-Dec-2006 Hilo, Hawaii
Om's obituary
Celebration of Om's Life
February 11, 2007
Puna District, Big Island

2006 Folger Christmas Card - 2006
(click for larger picture)
Seasons Greetings 12-11-06

  It is with heart felt sadness that we tell you that our be loved Son & Brother Om, has passed on the the Spirit world Dec. 11,2006
   His Pancreatis emergency of two months ago finally caught up with him. Aftera a U2 concert in Honolulu, Keely his love and all of us wre dancing together. He was surrounded by friends and family having a wonderful time.
  The next night after flying home to Hilo we dropped him off at his girlfriends house and he passed away happy & Peaceful in his sleep. Praise God. Om Om Om
  Love, the Folger Ohana

Seasons Greetings

What Dear Om was great at doing.
1. Best hugger and solid Love.
2. He is a great gleaner and finder.
3. He remembered peoples names & relationships.
4. Loved to eat spicy hot foods and "Hawaiian da kine... an kine".
5. Original Coconut artist.
6. Hope you had the energy to play with him.
7. Thanks for all the grea memories.
8. A unique special spirit.
9. Wonderful communicator
10. Bright smile, a really sweet guy.
11. Many say Om brought out the best in them.
12. We often heard Om say "The Fun never stops."
13. Most of all he really Loved his family and huge amount of friends.

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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007

Hey all,

For those that don't know me. I am Diane and Dan's daughter Ingrid aka Radiance and Happiness's daughter, i was once know as increase.

I hope you are doing well. I am living in Oakland California, working as a carpenter and have been involved in social justice organizing for the last 9 years. Catalyst Project the organization that I work with is going to send out our annual Newsletter. We do anti-racist social justice organizing. I have worked with Catalyst for many years now and is a major part of my life. The newsletter talks about the work of our organization over the last year and our approach to that work. I would love to send you a copy, and to do that I need your mailing address. So if you could send me your mailing address and any one else's addresses whom you think would be interested in receiving this newsletter that would be awesome.

You can also check out our web sight at

Catalyst Project

Marco & Diana Ricca
Country Home Magazine NYC Apt.
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007
Hi All,
Our city apartment has been published in the February issue of Country Home Magazine. I photographed it and Diana produced it. It can be found on the news stand nation wide or can view the attached pdf file of the story that is about how to be organized in a 450 sq foot apt.
Oprah approached us, let's see what happens...

Click here for PDF download.

Pacific Northwest Strong Winter of 2006


Shower Power

Baby Shower for Allowing and Calm
Summer 2006 Photos from Eden

Doug Hancock's 60th Party
(click for many photos)

Majawood - July 2006
(click for a few photos)

Jimmy in Afghanistan 2006

My young cousin.

Hawaii Earthquake 2006
Kathleen and John's Home
October 15, 2006

1st Rainbow Family Gathering: Granby, Colorado 1972
A White Buffalo Multimedia Production
A 40 minute video/photo production.
Love Family Flag Flying Over 'Love Kitchen'
17 second video clip of Love Family flag
flying over our 'Love Kitchen'.
Bhu Pinder Singh is dark character in turban.
I can not identify anyone else.

Garrick Beck
one of main inspirations of Gathering

1 min. 27 sec. video clip of miscellaneous scenes and
Garrick Beck addressing the gathering.
Points to and refers to 'Love Kitchen' among others.

Thanksgiving at Strayer Home
Seattle 2005

Henry Fiddler
Mountain View, Arkansas
October 28, 2005


Monica's 52th Birthday
August, 2005

Photos by Bill Pinagre

Bill's 60th Birthday
April 23, 2005

Quietness and Ari's Wedding
March 20, 2005

Love Israel Family Web Page, Seattle Washington

Steve Gaskin
Summertown, Tennessee

Source Family's
Father Yod

By Gary Bearman (June 2002)
psychedelic tribal music presents :

Foundation of Revelation
Friends of the
Foundation of Revelation
Lou Gottlieb

--- In Memoriam ---

Love Family Friend Ajax Passes Away
(click here)

Steve DeTray
"Signs of Life"

Mark DeTray
Working in the Peace Corp

Charlie Visits Memphis
September 2004

Leah Clayton
Sun Meadow Vizsla

China Bend Winery
China Bend, Washington
Five China Bend Emails
April through August, 2004

Portraits by
Bruce Edwards
Art of Bruce Edwards
Web Pages

Art Of
Aaron Coberly

Son of Lisa Pinagree
Music Of
Cyrus Farar

Suzette's Husband
Jim Billington
the original
Life Israel
March, 2003

Pacific Northwest Sculptors
Adinah Lieberman

Siskiyou Women's Health Care
Linda Lieberman
March, 2003
Paul and Linda Lieberman Web pages
Ashland, Oregeon
March, 2003

Love Family
Bankruptcy Documents

2002 - 2003
Letter to Love Israel
July 12, 1983

"finest French person I have ever known"
Neptune's First Mural
February, 2003
Fantuzzi and Ram Das
Gypsie and Neptune
World Travels
Gypsies Photos

Reuel's home
Earthquake Aftermath
Love Family Ranch Closes
Tassie Hiltner
Tasmania Christmas 2003

Three Recent Newspaper Articles about the
Love Family Bankruptcy and losing the Ranch
Seattle P. I. December 13, 2003
Seattle Times - Saturday, December 13, 2003
Herald Net - Saturday, December 13, 2003

Jan Smith and daughters Hosanna and Abby
Australia - December 2003

Smith-Jan-phonephoto-Dec2003 .jpg Smith-HosannaAndAbby-phonephoto-Dec2003 .jpg

Sincerity and Reelaiah Israel
Order Israel
Working on the set of the 2004 Disney movie:
The Alamo

Congratulations to the new parents
(click on photos for bigger)
Perfection gave birth to
Simon Xaviar
Monday, July 7, 2003
--Send Congratulations to--
Perfection & Baird
2623 NE 183rd St., Apt. 1221
Bothwell, WA 98011
Ease gave birth to
True Isaac Israel-Wiles
Friday, July 11, 2003
--Send Congratulations to--
The Israel-Wiles
10525 52nd Ave. N.E.
Marysville, WA. 98270
Tekoah gave birth to
Asher Brilliance
Saturday, July 12th, 2003
an 8 lb. Boy at 12:35 PM
--Send Congratulations to--
Randy & Tekoah Handorff
11730 171st Ave., N.E.
Arlington, WA. 98223
Activity gave birth to
Henry Almon Fackrell
Tuesday, Nov. 18th 3:45pm
8.3 lb. 21" long
--Send Congratulations to--
Chip and Tiffany Fackrell
17410 113th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Born to
Talitha and Monte
February 1, 2003
9 pounds, 9 ounces
First granddaughter of Hanifa and Tim.
Hanifa reports: Not only does Talitha have a new baby, she is opening a cafe at the end of he month.helping with both.

Allan Hirsch

web pages


Murfins Visit Memphis
August, 2003

Henry T Fiddler Home Page
(A work in progress)
1) if links doesn't work contact:
2) sorry for unfinished/under construction page, but better than nothin'

Ray Mitchell
Ekone Ranch

Clairty and Jeff

Dominick and friends.
Fall, 2003

Dr. Mary Eaton
August, 2003

Brothers Dean (Elimaleck ) and
Phil (Eliab) Meadlock

Spring, 2003

For the Love of Family
Seattle Post Intelligencer March 03, 2003

Holden Villiage
Asaph Murfin Winter 2002

Asaph Murfin in An Act of Conscience

Lattest photos of
Light David Maleski
Summer 2002

Love Family
Passover Group Photos

Bruce & Debbie in Africa
Sept 2001 - March 2002

Strayer Family in Florida
April 2002

Cynthia Linet and her son Don
reunited after 40+ years. December, 2001

Past Christmas Cards From
Chapans and Folgers

Seaman Joshua Ingraham
USS Carl Vinson
December 9, 2001

After 14 years
My Return to Seattle
July 2001

Love Family Remembered
Late 1970s to early 1980s
(100 slides)

Christy, Felicity, Kathy, Monica, Eve, Anna, Ariel
Seattle Ladies, Summer 2001
1981 Group Portrait of 51 Ladies

Doug Hancock visits Tom
in Florida, Jan/Feb 2001

Lisa Pinagree visits Tom in Florida
April 1999

Frisco Charlie and Bobcat Bob - March 2001

New son of Aaron and Brenda Coberly
born May 13, 2000
Grandson of Bill & Lisa Pingree

Don Glenn & Seattle Peace Concerts
Summer 2000

Light David Maleski - an update!
July, 2000

Eden Israel visits her family in Florida
March, 2000.

Rand and Christie Miller visit Orlando
March, 2000.

Susan Huppler visits Florida
February, 2000.

Jan Smith and Family,
Tom Hitlner and family
Australia Summer 1999

Bruce Edward and friends, 1999

Rezemiak family, Summer 1999

Dick Keber just after surgery, alive and getting better!, 1999

Sherry Bloxom's photos of China Bend,
Garlic Festival, August 1999

Visit Sherry's Home Page

Kathleen & Glen's Christmas, Portland 1998

Saphir and Family - about 1992

Love Family Miscellaneous Photos

John Bradford's Christmas Party 1990

Larry Israel visits Love Family, Summer 1979

Mike Dean with Scarlett. Topanga Canyon, California 2001

Love Family Alaskan Homestead
Katchemak Bay, Homer, Alaska
Summer 1975

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