Love Family Remembered
(From slides I have saved)
Seattle, Arlington, Yakima Valley, China Bend
Washington State
Late 1970s and early 1980s
--Section---Photos- --Section---Photos-
Loves House7 People18
Love's Yard6 Love Family Ranch47
McGraw Street7 Yakima Valley9
Music3 China Bend1

I am writing this in 2013 on this web page I made in 2001. It contains the slides I purchased from Marco in 1986 just before I moved away from the Pacific NorthWest. As we are now posting some of these and many other photos on Facebook, I decided to make these available. Most people have seen these photos and some have not.

I want to give a special note of thanks to Laura Rhodes,
archivist of most old Love Family photos.

I also want to acknowledge Marco Ricca who took about 93 of these 100 photos.
Marco holds the copyright on these photos and his permission is needed to use any of these photos.

All photos on http://tommcknight/ website:
Copyright 1995-2013 Thomas H. McKnight III 27-Apr-2013
--unless othewise noted--
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Love's House

Loves Yard

McGraw Street



Loves Family Ranch

Yakima Valley

China Bend

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