Shakti and Mike O'Connell Wedding
Cheryl's Place, Big Island, Hawaii
Allie Goes to Hawaii
July 1-8, 2007
Oahu, Maui and Big Island

I, as Unlce Helpful, had the great fortune of attending Shakti Folger and Mike O'Connell's wedding at Cheryl's Place on the Pacific Ocean shores of the Big Island in the Puna District. I had the great luck to be Shakti's first baby sitter in India in 1971 and have been a part of Folger ohana ever since then.

I as Unlce Lee, was again blessed taking my 19 year old niece Allie Cowley of Florida to Hawaii for her first visit. Allie, technically my 1st cousin once removed, is the daughter of my beloved 1st cousin Sandy who is as close to a sister as I have in this life. Allie is also the daughter of my good friend, Sandy's husband Steve.

I have been twice blessed by serendiptity to have moved near the parents of these two wonderful women, Shakti and Allie, as they began their lives in this world. I have been thrilled to be a small part of each of their lives. It means the world to me that their lives have intersected and I was there to enjoy it.

While both of these memorable events rightly deserve their own web pages, I for my part can not extract one from the other. And as you will see, I am verbose with photos.

Because there are so many photos, I would suggest one go directly to the photos that most interest you. You will need a fast internet connection and many hours to view them all.

To Shakti, Mike and the Folger family, I say mahalo for including me in your ohana.
To Allie and the Cowley family, thanks for me being part of your family.
To the many of Hawaii, it was a great pleasue meeting with you. Again sometime. Aloha

Snoop Dog and Allie
Shakti and Mike's home
Queen Kapiolani Hotel
Waikiki Beach
Wahanie Allie Surfing Waikiki Beach
Maui - visit with Light
Flying from Maui to the Big Island
Bobu and Joya's Home - All week long.
Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii
Carl's birthday party.
Ahalanui Park, Red Road, Big Island, Hawaii
Omland - Om Folger's home site.
Cheryl's Place
Cape Kumukahi Lighthouse
Day Before Shakti's Wedding
Morning of Shakti's wedding
Shakti's Wedding Party assembles
Shakti and Mike's wedding
Shakti and Mike's party after the wedding.
DayAfter after Shakti's wedding

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