Hawaii Earthquake 2006
..and many aftershocks...
starting October 15th, 2006
strongest in over two decades at a magnitude of 6.7

Kathleen and John Haves Home
Kohala District, Big Island
Below are two sets of photos sent by Kathleen after the earthquake that damaged their home. The first set was sent the day after the earthquake. The second set was sent about four days latter.

Haven's home before Earthquake

(email with first set of photos)
Subject: earthquake outside
We ARE Scared!
Crushed cement block
Front porch
Front porch bricks
John's collection living room
Kitchen coutner
N.E. corner post
Outdoor shower
Post west side
Spice rack
Tony's boat
Under bedroom
Uncer center house

(email with photos 2nd set of photos)
Today we had help jacking up house and it was none too soon.
We had a 3.9 quake at 5am this morning and the house shifted again.
Here are our heros
Man are we glad we put a few bricks under ourselves yesterday!!!!!!!!
Love You
Thanks for putting us in your prayers
Kathleen & John
Our heros
Getting to work
Oh boy, not too soon!
Shifting S.E. Corner
Still shifting

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