Gypsie's 2003 Photos
Here are some fun photos I have received from Gypsie over the last year or so.

Gypsies daughter Nina with her brother Neptune.
Neptune after shaving his head at 3 weeks, 2 months and 3 months.
3_weeks_after.jpg 2_months_after.jpg 3_months_after.jpg

Gypsie's Bazar of India & Beyond store
in Laytonville, Mendocino County, Northern California.
with son Neptune and daughter Nina
Gypsie's son Neptune.
     Gypsie's daughter Nina
mom store 2.jpg bazaar.jpg mom store 3.jpg
Neptune working in his Mom's store
Cimg0075.jpg Zappo and Neptune

Miscellaneous photos of Gypsie in India is 2003.
auto rickshaw.JPG cycle rickshaw.JPG
chai music party.jpg chai party 1-03.jpg
children dancing.JPG children singing.JPG
master of sarod.JPG jamming at the ruins.JPG

Some of Neptune's art.
birthday annoucement.JPG Pointed Nose.jpg Banyan Sketch.jpg

Gypsie and Neptune with some young Buddhists monks.
sketching.JPG young_monks.JPG

"Friends From Seattle"