Love Family Ladies
Seattle, Washington

Christy, Felicity, Kathy, Monica, Eve, Anna, Ariel
Seattle Ladies, Summer 2001
The beauty lives on!

Love Family Ladies Group Portrait
Around 1981
Year of Increase

[Row 1] (01)?? (02)Reiah (03)Masaiah (04)Jael (05)Obedience (06)Bethany (07)Sensible (08)Unity (09)Ashima (10)Peniel
[Row 2] (11)Jeshurun (12)Adar (13)Tera (14)Hanifa (15)Zerah (16)Patience (17)Simplicity (18)Galacia (19)Delight (20)Mika
[Row 3] (21)Josepha (22)Bliss (23)Security (24)Joppa (25)Wisdom (26)Joya (27)Atarah (28)Naomi (29)Adiah (30)Miriam
[Row 4] (31)Listening (32)Modesty (33)Clarity (34)Bathsheeba (35)Honesty (36)Fresh (37)Softness (38)Devotion (39)Understanding (40)Sebrim (41)Siloam (42)Charity
[Row 5] (43)?? and baby (44)Saphir (45)Quality (46)Belief (47)Mira LuvsLight (48)Magdiel (49)Hereth (50)Warmth (51)Empathy
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