Murfins Visit Memphis
August 9, 2003
Asaph, Hanifa and Alyssa their 19 year old youngest daughter, along with their ancient dog Merlin and a cat stopped by Memphis for an overnight visit with myself and my parents. The Murfins are moving to their new life at the Lutheran retreat named Holden Village located in the Cascade Mountains above Lake Chelan of Washington State. There are on a cross country move from their home of many years in Amherst, Massachusetts to their new home in Holden Village. See the earlier photos taken by Asaph of Holden Village. The Murfins will be living/working there for the next year. Hanifa said their her daughter Talitha, living on Long Island in New York with her architect husband, just had their first baby.

Helpful, Hanifa, Asaph and Alyssa
You should see the packing job inside the car!
Master packer at work.
And with a little help from Alyssa.
Hanifa, my mother Nola (84), Tom (me) and Alyssa
Alyssa and a very ancient Merlin
Merlin smells my Sheltie Rosy's butt!
Rosy says get those fleas away from me.
Ohhh... that feels good.
Merlin, Asaph, Hanifa and Alyssa.

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