Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!!!
Thought you'd enjoy some of the pumpkins I carved in past years Linda Rettinger LMT
Phoenix, AZ 2007

All photos by Linda Rettinger

Linda with "Candle Magic Witch" pumpkin.
Fog Machine inside.

"Green Witch" carved on a styrofoam
pumpkin.Dry Ice inside.

Lid is a bat. Press rubber monster on top
and he lights up and screams!

"Green Witch" Lit up (1)

"Green Witch" lit up (2)

Foofy "Witch Tess"

Lid, are big lips!

"Fred Ascare Dance Studios" Pumpkin

Fred Ascare pumpkin lit up

Your welcome to pass these along to wish someone else a Happy Halloween! Linda

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