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Second Israeli Newsletter

Greetings from the family of Israel to all of our relatives scattered abroad and looking to share in the joy and meaning of our new life.

Through baptism and birth, the solid core of our family is slowly growing. Since our last letter 5 people have dedicated themselves to our common purpose, were baptized and received the names of Nehemiah (Consolation of the Lord), Lemuel (God with him), Abijah (the lord is my father), Bethuel (virgin of God), Shalomith (my peace and my happiness). There are three additional virtues now represented among our people. A number of us clearly recognized the spirit of Zest in our brother Hezekiah. Love recognized that Peniel represented his vision.

Culminating a beautiful holy day recently, a boy child representing our blessedness was born to Shalomith. Our faith that God will bless each birth in our family seems to have dissolved all the anxiety which once surrounded these occasions. The birth was a totally positive and joyful experience for all of us.

Our hopes for a larger farm this spring have so far materialized in the gift of an 11 acre farm in the Arlington about 50 miles north of Seattle. Recently we transported the entire cherry hill farm to the new location by means of an incredible convoy. Courage directed the operation from the helm of the blue bus, trailer in tow. Following him came the dump truck loaded with a horse a jack ass, 4 sheep, and towing a defunct van. At the rear came the city farm truck loaded with chickens and geese, and hauling two horses. Helpful was arrested for steering the towed van without having an operators permit, and jailed because the officer refused to respect his church credentials. A sympathetic newspaper reporter assisted us in getting him release from the Everett County Jail.

Confidence is now maintaining the Arlington farm, with a crew of 10 people. The arm is rather small for our purposes, but will be a good training ground and stepping stone to a bigger operation.

We are expanding on Queen Anne Hill. Frankness and Consolation have headed up construction of a ten man sauna and shower room adjoining Imaginations house. The garage next to Courage's house has been converted to a observatory. Ruth who has lived across from the original blue house has given her house to the family. We have added a new porch and made room and made room in the basement for several family members. Encouragement will be there as elder, and Ruth, who is approaching Baptism, is remaining there for now. We have arranged this house as a guest house in hopes that our parents and elder guests will have a comfortable place to stay while they are visiting us. Ruth loves being a hostess and has been a great help to us in reuniting us with our parents.

The family recently acquired ownership of an 160 acre parcel of land on the coast of the Kinai Peninsula near Homer, Alaska. The man who was caretaking our homestead visited us and saw clearly that he is a part of our family. Strength returned to Alaska with him to help prepare the homestead for accommodating a larger family. Love, Respect, Courage, Consolation, and Daniel are currently on an expedition there to examine its suitability as an additional settlement for the Family. It seems a long way off, but the prospect of pooling our talents to carve a model community out of undeveloped Alaskan Territory is intriguing to us - great for building our family character.

The State of Washington approved our school "The Love Family School", and we have been steadily expanding the scope of what we have to offer our nearly 20 children. We've been trying to involve them more and more in the daily activities which give meaning to our lives - bread making, sewing, gardening, music. We have also been expanding our own family university program for us older students - people are getting together more and more over such areas as candle making, painting, pupperry, model train construction and recorder playing. The observatory, under Abishi's direction is the scene for an expanding program of theo-observation - with the aid of microscope we're getting familiar with a number of molds and tiny organisms which seem to be at our service - yeasts, cheese molds, yogurt cultures, etc.

The recent acquisition of a 16 mm motion picture projector has introduced movies back into our lives. We found a fine source of films here on the hill, and look forward to being able to show our children the best of what men have produced so far. The latest program was Peter and the Wolf, Disney's "Water Birds" and Treasure Island, all in the comfort of a family - packed living room - popcorn between reels.

A neighbor recently offered the use of his fishing boat after helping him with some fairly successful salmon outings last fall. The target was bottom fish in the sound, but the catch wasn't enough to fill all the tables in Israel. We'll keep at it.

We see many areas of potential growth and enrichment where our development will simply have to wait till more of our talented family comes home.

Love reminded us recently that the basis of U.S. Government - the constitution, if truly applied should provide a good nest for the growth of our family - A document providing for order, while maintaining an atmosphere or religious freedom where young religious groups could evolve and disclose their trueness or error. We encourage the people of America to hold true to this document while they are growing into a clearer understanding of their place in the Kingdom of Christ now being established.

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