Doug Hancock
visits with
Tom McKnight
in Florida
Jan/Feb 2001
Tom and Doug visit famed "SoBe"
South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

Doug and Tom in Key West, Florida
(Photos to come)

Doug visits with Tom's cousin Sandy and family
in Palm Harbor, Florida for Super Bowl XXXV
Sunday, January 29, 2001
Ravens 25 - Giants 7
Dad Steve Cowley, Doug Hancock, Tom McKnight
Ashley Cowley (15), Stephanie Cowley (15), Allie Cowley (12), Mom Sandy Cowley
Boy this is not much of a game!

Doug ponders the world oblivious to the game.
Doug, Sandy's friend Nancy, and dad Stevie
Twin daughter Stephanie with mom Sandy
Ashley with younger sister Allie
Mom Sandy with twin daughter Ashley

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