Lee Harrison McKnight Thomas Harrison McKnight III Helpful Israel
Tom Lee Helpful
Memphis, Seattle, Florida and the World
Ordered revese chronologically by era.
A work in progress.

Sara and Tom
Costa Rica
August 11-24, 2012

Angela and Tom

Shakti and Mike O'Connell Wedding
July 7, 2007

Memphis, Tennessee
Return To The Home Of My Youth
September 2002
Lee Visits Florida
July 2004
Jason James Dean
First child of Mike Dean
Born: 08-Oct-2003

AutoZone Angel Trees

Cleveland Visit To
Chrissy, Heather,
Cindy & families.

June, 2003 Cleveland, Ohio

Bick Johnson
Visited in Knoxville, Tennessee
December 2002 and May 2003

Florida Years
Back to Reality
1987 - 2002

Bueons Aires, Argentina
May, 2002

Hawaii Visit to Folgers
Christmas 1999
Tom Hitlner staying with Tom McKnight
Margate, Florida 1996
Bahama Braided Hair
Bahamas 1997

Tucson Visit
Ruth Rosen
January 1991

Florida 1988

The Twins and I in Florida

Australia and New Zealand
July through October, 1999

Hiltner Family in Tasmania
Oct, 1999

Jan, Abby & Hosanna Smith
in Ocean Shores

Danny in New Zealand
Oct, 1999

Sydney, Australia
Commuting on the RiverCat
September-October 1999

Pacific Northwest
Post Love Family Days

Kathy Ingraham
Summer 1985

Love Family Days
A World Changed
Summer 1972 - Summer 1983

Glad and dad Helpful
Winter 1981

Helpful Israel
Spring 1983

Glad and Dedication
Summer 1980

Love Family Alaskan Homestead
Katchemak Bay, Homer, Alaska
Summer 1975

Helpful and Dedication
Spring 1974

Leaving America
World Tour Tripping
The World Is Changing
Summer 1970 - Summer 1972
India 1971
Lee in India

Europe Travels
Late Summer and Early Fall, 1970

Commercial Appeal 1970 article

Atlanta Pop Festival
July 4, 1970

Memphis, Tennessee
Before the World Completely Turned
1969 and before

Tennessee River Cabin

The Red Ski Boat
Memphis, circa 1968

Sidney Law and fiance Donna
Memphis, 1969

Kay Strong and Rodney Dowling
Roanoke, Virginia Fall 19657

Pembroke of Memphis
Memphis first "Head Shop"
Fall 1967

Acapulco Road Trip
Acapulco Road Trip

Auburn University

Michei Stevenson
East H.S. Prom
Memphis, June 1964

Lee's Miscellaneous Photos

Lee McKnight
Bick Johnson
Youngest Eagle Scouts in America
Memphis, Summer 1958

Post 20
Canadian Canoe Trip
Memphis, Summer 1962

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