Lee (Tom) McKnight's
travels to
India 1970-1971
Turkey, Iran, Afghansistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Java, Bali
The few photos I have from my journey.
Below are four photos from Mashad, Iran taken in December, 1970
I traveled to India from Europe by going overland by bus from Istanbul, Turkey through Iran, Afganistan and Pakistan. In Mashad, Iran we met a group of Iranians who let us sleep at their newly built home where all of the following 4 photos are taken. The first 3 photos were taken by Donna McLaughlin. Donna appears in the 4th photo, while Rita took the photo. Donna and Rita hitchhiked from England to India - an amazing feat! The result of meeting Donna, completely changed the direction of my life.
Myself standing at far right

Again, I am at the far right, yellow shirt and cardigan sweater.
Note the Goat kidskin leather patches on my jeans

Rita the English girl hitchhiking with Donna, sits in the chair at the far left

Donna, striped sweater, third from left, is now in the picture with me just behind her.

Photos from New Delhi, India
Summer 1971

Left: Bobu, Joya , Shakti - Right: Budda Shakti

Left: Shakti and Joya , - Right: Tom and Shakti

Taj Mahal
Buddha Shakti took me to Agra where the Taj is located. The Taj is open all night all on the full moon, the night before and the night after. Thousands of pilgrims show up the night of the full moon, but no one shows up the night after. So Buddha Shakti and I had the whole Taj to ourselves. We spent all night in the crypt that the Taj is, meditating, chanting, and meditating and chanting...


Budda Shakti

Budda Shakti at Sikh Temple in
Kulu Valley, Himachal Pradesh, North India

Visa photos of Tom on the road:

Rome train station
middle of November 1970
Goa, India
Katmandu, Nepal

Tom with friends in Java, Indonesia, Fall 1971
The guy with the mustache I met, traveled and made friends with. He was from Canada. He latter disappeared into the Harie Krishna movement. I tried for years to make contact with him but was uable to locate him.

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