McKnight's of Memphis
Tom and Nola McKnight Family

Thomas Harrison McKnight Jr.
March 27, 1918 - June 5, 2014
Randy, Judy, Nola
Sully, Shawna, Maylia
Ottawa, Canada
Shawn, Julie, Tyler, Eve, Rhysen
Jackson Hole
Glen, Jules
On the road

Our Family Patriarchs
Tom & Nola McKnight
Memphis, Tennessee
60th Wedding Anniversary
Jan 1, 1942 thru
Jan 1, 2002




McKnights visit Vaught home under contruction
Tyler Visits His
Grandparents and G-Grandparents
April, 2005
Jackson and Arlington
Randy, Judy and Bert
visit soon to be weds
Shawna and Sully in China
McKnight White Christmas 2004

Tom Jr. visits WWII Memorial
December 7, 2004 - with Randy and Bert
Embrodiy Guild Christmas Party 2004
McKnight Trip to Wyoming
Summer 2004

McKnight Memphis Home
Spring 2005
McKnight Family Christmas
Arlington, VA 2003

Thanksgiving 2003
Cowley Home
Palm Harbor, Florida

Cape Charles Biking
October, 2003

Malone Homestead
Desoto County, Mississippi
September, 2003
Bethelehem Cemetery
Capleville, Shelby County, TN
September, 2003
Louise Strong
Memphis Storm Damage
July 22, 2003

Cape Charles, Virginia
August, 2003
Patricia Brister

August 12, 2003
Norfolk, Virginia

Mary Martha Underwood and Mom.
Mom's high school friend from Dyersburg, Tennessee.
Hickman, Kentucky Visit
September 3, 2003
Nola revisits
Milligan College
August 16, 2003
Northeast, Tennessee

Houseboat Norwin
Christmas 2002
McKnight Apartment
Arlington, Virginia
Thanksgiving Memphis
McKnight Home - 2002
Randy &. Judy
First pics of new apartment.
Arlington, Virginia
October, 2002
Christmas in Memphis
December Hollidays, 2001

Christmas in Memphis
December Hollidays, 2001
McKnight Memphis Home
Late April through Early May, 2002
Glen and Jen in Hawaii
Summer, 2002
Glen Crampton McKnight
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Animation
Univ. of Central Florida Graduation
May 3,4,5 2002
Christmas in Memphis
McKnight Home
December 25, 2001
Randy & Judy - Thanksgiving 2001 Cape Charles, Virginia
12th Armored Division Memorial Museum Dedication, Abilene, Texas October 8, 2001
Randy & Judy's new home - Cape Charles, Virginia Dec. 30, 2001
McKnight Christmas 2000 - Falls Church, Virginia
Idlewild Presbyterian - Nola's Lithuragal Banner
McKnights in the Mountains August 1999
Nola's 80th Birthday Party Celebrated: July 4th, 1999 Actual birthday: July 25, 1999
Florida Christmas 1999 McKnight and Cowley Famlies
50th Wedding Anniversary January 1, 1992
Memphis Westminster Home Around 1969
McKnights on Century Easter 1950

Northcross Wedding
Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Lt. Tom McKnight Jr. Europe, 1945, WWII
Sadie Lee Yates
Future wife of
Tom McKnight Jr.

around 1905
Tom McKnight Jr.
Idlewild Elementry 4th Grade

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