Glen Crampton McKnight
University of Central Florida Graduation
Bachelor of Arts - Computer Animation
May 3, 2002

--Photo Sections--Photos --Photo Sections--Photos
The Night Before - Thursday Evening16 Baby Shower for Holly and 50th Birthday Celebration for Nola30
Graduation Ceremony at U.C.F. Area - Friday afternoon66 Dinner and Dancing - Saturday Night56
Florida's Endagered Sand Cranes3 Late Saturday Night and Eary Sunday morning at hotel14
Graduation Party at Sandy's Home - Friday night21 Stroll on Clearwater Beach, Sunday morning47
Opening the Graduation Gifts - Friday night party26 People leaving Sunday and Monday57
Pool Party at Sandy's home - Saturday109 Pool Party at Sandy's home - Sunday180
Volley Ball Game at Weslake Village Commons - Saturday126 Group Photo - Saturday afternoon7
Some final scenes12   

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