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General McKnight Genealogical Information
Francis Harrison McKnight
1814 - 1880

Genealogy of first McKnight in our line.

William Thomas McKnight
1846 - 1922
Second known McKnight in our family line, in America.
The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname
by Mary McKnight Licht
Meaning of surname McKnight
(One paragraph from the above web page) "About the middle of the fifteen hundreds the MacKnight Family, which had been a Sept under Clan MacNaughton since the early twelve hundreds, met all regulations and requirements (four generations of ancestors who had been good citizens loyal and true to Clan and Country) the Chieftain of the fifth generation was eligible to apply to the Lord Lyon King of Arms at Edinburgh for matriculation as a separate clan. When all credentials were accounted by the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, they were registered in Court Records - and so - was born Clan MacKnight."
According to Scots Kith and Kin, Clan MacKnight
was in Galloway in the 16th Century.
It is a sept of Clan MacNaughton.
History of Clan Macnaughtens

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