William Thomas McKnight
and his wife
Margaret Jane Sprott
BIRTH: 17 Jun 1846, Mt. Hebron, Greene County, Alabama, USA
LIVED: Livingston and York, Sumter County, Alabama
DEATH: 28 Sep 1922, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
BURIED: Myrtlewood Cemetary, Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama, USA

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Geneology Page of W.T. McKnight
Armistead's Cavalry Brigade (12th Mississippi Cavalry) (16th Confederate Cavalry)
Confederate Statue, Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama
My Sumter County, Alabama web page
Myrtlewood Cemetery, Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama
1937 Genealogy document by W.T. McKnight's youngest son
1845 Will of Washington Hutchinson, maternal grandfather of W.T.McKnight
1850 US Census Sumter County, AL - Francis McKnight
1866 Colored Census, Sumter County, Alabama - Buck McKnight
1870 US Census Sumter County, AL - Francis McKnight
1921 Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionaire answered by W.T. McKnight

All of the photos below come from a genealogy
album created by Catherine McKnight Webb.
Margaret Sprott McKnight 1848-1919
William Thomas McKnight 1846-1922

Margaret Sprott McKnight
& William Thomas McKnight
buried in cemetery Livingston
Ala. Grand - parent of
Catherine McKnight Webb
William Thomas McKnight
Photo roughly estimated to be about 1915

--Photo estimated from about 1910 based on perceived age of baby J.M. McKnight--
-back row, left to right-

Mrs. Very Malone McKnight wife of
(x) Thomas H McKnight Sr.
with baby son in his arms, James Malone McKnight Sr. b.1909
(x) Mary McKnight Curry
(x) Robert Sprott McKnight
and wife Mrs. McKnight
-front row, left to right-
baby Catherine McKnight b.1907 with parasol sits in
lap of William Thomas McKnight
Mrs. Margaret Sprott McKnight with
grandson in lap ???? McKnight
and ??? on bottom right.

Wm Thomas & Margaret Sprott McKnight
with three children & four of six grand-
children. x on right is Robert Sprott
McKnight, & grand-daughter Catherine
McKnight Webb sits in his lap.

Back yard & entrance (back)

William Thomas McKnight home place - York, Alabama - About 1888