Bethelehem Cemetery
Holmes Road east of Highway 78
Capleville, Shelby County, Tennesse

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Bethlehem Cemetery.
On Saturday September 27, 2003 myself, my father, and Ed Malone visited the Bethelhem Cemetery in Capleville, Tennessee. Ed's father Tom Malone and my father are second cousins and have known each other all of their lives. This was my first meeting with Ed. Ed showed me around and pointed out the graves of our common great-great-grandparents Dr. Franklin Jefferson and Mary Louisa Malone, and others.
My Dad:
Ed's father:
Thomas Harrison McKnight III
Thomas Harrison McKnight Jr.
Edward Russell Malone
Thomas Franklin Malone Sr.

1 2 3 4 Relative Relationships Born Died
1       Dr. Franklin Jefferson Malone Husband of Mary Louisa Malone 19-Aug-1819 24-Jan-1873
1       Mary Louisa Malone Wife of Dr. Franklin J. Malone 12-Mar-1824 17-May-1901
  2     John Thomas Malone Husband of Lou Bonner Malone
Son of Dr. F. J. and Mary Malone
07-Mar-1846 26-Sep-1916
  2     Lou Bonner Malone Wife of Lou Bonner Malone 25-May-1844 17-May-1881
      4 Walter H. Malone Husband of Mary Quinn Malone
Son of Robert Trent Malone
07-Aug-1904 24-Sep-1995
      4 Mary Quinn Malone Wife of Walter H. Malone 10-May-1907 05-Dec-1967
  2     Robert Franklin Malone Husband of Mattie Douglass Malone
Son of Dr. F. J. and Mary Malone
1856 1926
  2     Mattie Douglass Malone Wife of Robert Franklin Malone 1858 1943
      4 George L. Malone Son of Callie Francis Malone
Killed in Pacific in WWII
28-Jun-1911 21-Nov-1942
    3   Callie Francis Malone Wife of Robert Trent Malone
Mother of George L. Malone
1881 1975
        Infant son Malone      
        John Malone   09-Nov-1903 06-Jul-1906
  2     Ferdinand M. Malone Husband of Laura L. Malone
Son of Dr. F. J. and Mary Malone
1858 1943
  2     Laura L. Malone Wife of Ferdinand M. Malone 1873 1950
        Ella W. Malone   1899 1904
        Ella M. Watson   1860 1932

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Entrance to Bethlehem Cemetery
Tom McKnight Jr.
Ed Malone
Entrance to Bethlehem Cemetery
Dr. Franklin Jefferson Malone
Dr. Franklin Jefferson Malone
Mary Louisa Malone
Mary Louisa Malone
John Thomas Malone
Lou Bonner Malone
Walter H. Malone
Mary Quinn Malone
Robert Franklin Malone
Mattie Douglass Malone
George L. Malone
Killed in Pacific in WWII
Callie Frances Malone
Infant son of
Robert T.
and Callie Malone
John Malone
Son of
T.M. and M.E. Ford
Ferdinand M. Malone
Laura L. Malone
Ella W. Malone
Ella M. Watson
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