Youngest Eagle Scouts in America
Lee McKnight
Bick Johnson
Memphis, Tennessee
In the summer of 1958 my best friend Bick Johnson and I completed our Eagle Scouts; we were both still 12 years old. Probably, two of the youngest, if not the youngest Eagle Scouts ever in America. I would turn 13 the following September and Bick in October. Bick and I were able to do this as we had every thing going for us. Bick's parents were the Associate Pastor and his wife Dr. and Mrs. John C. Johnson of Idlewild Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee. A wonderful set of parents who were a complete expression of Christian love. My parents Tom and Nola McKnight of Memphis were the of that magical 1950's America era and were dream parents from that time. Also Bick's older brother Kim Johnson and my older brother Randy McKnight both had gotten their Eagles together some years before.
Actually not quite the youngest as I have learned, but young enough.

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