2nd Atlanta
International Pop Festival

Byron, Georgia
July 3-5, 1970

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The Atlanta Pop Festival was one of four big outdoor rock festivals that happened within one year. It started with Woodstock which overwhelmed everyone, and ended with Altamont where the Hells Angles killed some guy in front of the Rolling Stones on stage. Then the goverment in fear and reaction started banning these type of outdoor rock concerts.

The 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival gave me my first vision of how if enough of us hippies could just get together we could have things like we wanted. There were enough of us to move to the state of Montanna and take over. I remember being totally amazed at seeing Georgia State Troopers just stand by and watch a lot of naked hippies playing in the streams. The Troopers also just watched as dealers openly sold drugs to heads and not doing anything. "Wow..." as we often said. The 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival was the last thing I did before I left the United States for Europe and then India... a trip that did change my life.

The photos below are how I visually remember the gathering.
I got to stay stoned and hear... Jimi Hendrix, Procol Harum... to name a couple...

Cooling From The Heat
Campsite A Week Before The Music Started
Full Service Facilities
Proof That Film Was Shot Of The Festival
Cooling Off At Mid-Day
Between Sets On The Field
The First Day
The Second Day

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