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Two Hundred Years After Culloden Moors
by Carl Elliot
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Spott Reunion
Jan 4, 1997, Oxford, Cantebury, New Zealand

1909 Photo of Five Sprott brother in
Pendarves, New Zealand and comments.

Sprott Headstone
Dromara, County Down, Northern Ireland

"1904 - Family sketeh by Samuel Henry Sprott..."
1937 Genealogy Document by Thomas Harrison McKnight Sr.
Check the sections on Sprotts and Bothwells McKnight Sr's mother was Margaret Jane Sprott McKnight shown below.

"Family Tree of J. C. (Clint) Sprott"

Clint is a decendant of James Sprott, brother of Margaret Jane Sprott McKnight, shown below. James was also a brother of Judge Samuel H. Sprott, whose book "Cush: A Civil War Journal", shown below. James was killed in the American Civil War in 1864.

A chronology of 1000 years of Sprotts, Sprots, Sproats, Sprottes & a few Sprats by Duncan Sprott.

"Cush: A Civil War Journal"

by Judge Samuel H. Sprott, edited by Louis Smith

Mrs. Margaret Jane Sprott McKnight
My great-grandmother
born: 02-May-1848 Alabama
died: 22-Jun-1919 Memphis, Tennessee

---General information links relating to our Sprott genealogy.---
Sprotte and Robert the Bruce - Story of Sprotts from email from Lindsay Sprott, Kent, England - Jan-2001

Clan Douglas - Sprotts are from the Clan Douglas

Mary Queen of Scotts - our gg....step-mother, although anulled.

Lord Bothwell - 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scotts, our ancestor through Robert Sprott's wife Mary Bothwell

Battle of Culloden, Scotland, 1746 - help drive us out of Scotland to Ireland

Battle of Bothwel Bridge 1679, Scotland - Another battle we fought in and loss.

Covenanter - Scottish Presbyterian Rebels - our ancestors seem to be of this type.

Who are Scotch-Irish? - very informative

William Thomas McKnight, 1846-1922 - husband of Mary Jane Sprott McKnight, father of T.H. McKnight Sr.

James SPROTT (oldest Sprott in my line) (ABT 1754 - 8 Dec 1846)
(indexed list of names)

Sprott family descendants who are sources:
Click for email addresses.
Tom McKnight III, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Tom McKnight Jr., Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Forbes Taylor, New Zealand
Kerry Clare Carter, ex-New Zealand, now living in Australia
Lawrence (Lawrie) Sprott, Ireland
Bill Sprott, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
J. C. (Clint) Sprott, Madison, Wisconsin USA
David & Duncan Sprott, Greenhead, Carlise, England
George Sprott, Massachusetts, USA
Susan Sprott, Washington, D.C., USA
David Sprott, England and brother Duncan Sprott, England
Maureen Sprott, Scotland
Lindsay and Valerie Sprott, Kent, England
Louis Smith Editor of "Cush: A Civil War Memoir by Samuel H. Sprott" Janette & Wayne John Mervyn Sprott, New Zealand.

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