also spelled as:
Proper spelling is with a "in" as shown in will.
Proper spelling is Hutchinson, with IN and not ER, based on 1840 Sumter County Census

A "working document" for the decendants of Washington Hutchinson.

Washington Hutchinson
Born: 1785 Orange County, Virginia, USA
Died: 1857 Sumter County, Alabama, USA
Moved by wagon train of 100 people, family and slaves,
from Virginia to Sumter County, Alabama in the Fall of 1837

---------was married to---------
Elizabeth Lancaster
Born: 1785 Orange County, Virginia, USA
Died: 1855 Sumter County, Alabama, USA

---------and they had five daughters---------
(1)Susan Ann Hutchinson (Mrs. McKnight)
Born: 1 Jul 1822 Fredricksburg, Orange, Virginia, USA
Died: 1 Jul 1899 Sumter County, Alabama, USA
(2)Joanna Hutchinson (Mrs. Neal)
(3)Sara Hutchinson (Mrs. Mason)
(4)Elizabeth Hutchinson (Mrs. Sumerlin)
(5)Ida Hutchinson (Mrs. Baines)
(6)Martha Hutchinson (Mrs. Haguewood)

Hutchinson Reference Information
Washington Hutchinson genealogy
1937 Genealogy document by decendant of Washington Hutchinson
1845 Will of Washington Hutchinson
1840 US Census, Sumter County, AL - Hutchinson listed with 13 slaves.
1850 US Census, Sumter County, AL - Hutchinson listed with slaves. (coming soon)
1870 US Census, Sumter County, AL - Major Hutchinson - former Hutchinson slave from Virginia
1857 Obituary notice from a Richmond Virginia newspaper of Washington Hutchinson. (coming soon)
Email from Mrs. Pam Harrison Ricks - Refers to Sumerlin Bible
Email from Mrs. Pam Harrison Ricks - Refers to Sumerlin Bible - brief genealogy
Lancaster web page by Brad Campbell
Lancaster web page
Kate Whitten, July 21 2002 - RootsWeb Boards, Surnames, Hutchersons
Email from Lisa Robinson - decendant of Martha Hutchinson Haguewood
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Washington Hutchinson
Genealogy by Tom McKnight III
Email Tom McKnight

The six Bibles of the Hutchinson-Lancaster daughters.
When each of the six daughters of Washington Hutchinson and Elizabeth Lancaster
were married in the 1840's they were given a Bible, among other things.
Where are they now?
Six Hutchinson-Lancaster BiblesPassed Bible from-to:
Bible now is possession of:
Susan Ann Hutchinson
Mrs. McKnight
Mrs. Susan Ann Hutchinson McKnight
Mrs. Arabella McKnight Giles
Mrs. Sudie Giles Haguewood
As of 1937, Bible was in possesion of: Mrs. Wm. Haguewood (Sudie Giles)
Joanna Hutchinson
Mrs. Neal
Sara Hutchinson
Mrs. Mason
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Mrs. Sumerlin
Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson Sumerlin
Mrs. Arborette Summerlin Maxwell
Mrs. Brunie Mae Maxwell Harrison
Mr. Tommy Maxwell passed Bible to:
Mrs. Kate Harrison Whitten
As of 2001, Bible in possession of Mrs. Kate Harrison Whitten of Louisville, MS. Aunt of Mrs. Pam Harrison Ricks
Ida Hutchinson
Mrs. Baines
Martha Hutchinson
Mrs. Haguewood

Known Descendants (so far) of Washington Hutchinson, listed under one of the five daughters they are descended from.
(1)Susan Ann Hutchinson (Mrs. McKnight)
Thomas Harrison McKnight III - Oviedo, Florida
Ellis Haguewood - Memphis, Tennessee
(2)Joanna Hutchinson (Mrs. Neal)
(3)Sara Hutchinson (Mrs. Mason)
(4)Elizabeth Hutchinson (Mrs. Sumerlin)
Pam & John Harrison Ricks - Lake Village, Arkansas
Kate Whitten - Louisville, Mississippi
(5)Ida Hutchinson (Mrs. Baines)
(6)Martha Hutchinson (Mrs. Haguewood)
Lisa Robinson
Joyce Haguewood Lamont - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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