From: "Pami and John" <>
To: "Tom McKnight" <>
Subject: Hi cuz
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001

Hi Cuz...and I know we are kin...its just how are we kin? Arabella is your gg grandmother and Arborette is mine...this is so great finding kinfolk! I'm a novis at this...but this spring, I was monkeying around and just stumbled onto RootsWeb where I found a first cousin twice removed who had researched my father's paternal family (did I tell you my maiden name is Harrison?) back to the 1700's when they migrated from Ireland to S.C. ... needless to say, he has been to see me twice (in Arkansas) and is coming back in October (to Mississippi) to meet this side of the family...which is your side of the family!!! The only surviving great granddaughter (I think this is right) lives in Louisville, MS and she has the family Bible you are referring to...which she found when her brother (Tommy Rochelle Harrison) died last month. So...this is great!! Aunt Kate (Harrison Whitten) is making copies and as soon as she sends it to me...I will do the same to you. She's not online...however, between Eddie (Harrison) (a computer wiz cousin) and myself, I believe she will get online before its over with.

This is so super. I never realized how much fun this was...anyway...there is going to be a Maxwell reunion in Meridian MS at Jimmy Rogers Park in the next couple of weeks. I don't have the details...but will send them when I get them...

My husband and I are the GM's for the Ramada Limited of Lake Village Arkansas. Our website is It just has pics of our hotel and local area and lake ... no personal pics of us...ha ha...and if you ever want to get away...we'd love to have you and yours come on over.

Now where does the Cherokee Indian blood line come in...I always thought we were Choctaw on my Mamaw Maxwell side and after discovering the Harrison has to be on the Summerlin, Maxwell side and rather strong...because Mamaw and all her kids had that dark complexion, no body hair, and dark black curly hair. ( Now I look like my father with one 45, I decided I needed a change and now I am a blonde...didn't realize how much fun they had) Anyway, have dark olive complexion and have a pear shaped figure just like my Mamaw.

Dad was born in Philadelphia MS and the family finally resided in Louisville MS.

Washington Hutchinson
--was the father of--
Mrs.Elizabeth Hutchinson Sumerlin
--was the father of--
Mrs. Arborette Summerlin Maxwell
--was the father of--
Mrs. Brunie Mae Maxwell Harrison

Curtis Lee Harrison
Brunie Mae Maxwell

--and they had seven children--
(1)Herman Lee Harrison -married- Alethia ?
Penny ? (from Alethia's 1st marriage) lives on MS Gulf Coast with family
Vernice Lee Harrison (in southern Ms) in 2nd marriage
Edward ? Harrison (never married) in Jackson MS
(2)Clarence Marvin Harrison -married- Mary Louise Hansard
Pamela (me) Olivia Harrison Ricks
(3)Leland Harrison -married- Betty Bridges Harrison
Pat Harrisonv
Kathy Harrison
Michael Harrison
(4)Cecil Mae Harrison Watts -married- Edward Watts
Kay Watts Reynolds
(5)Hazel Harrison -never married- -no children-
(6)Kate Harrison Whitten -married- Travis Whitten
Lisa Whitten ?
Beth Whitten ?
(7)Tommy Rochelle Harrison -never married- -no children-