Shroat Family Genealogy
centered on the family of
Jean Shroat Whitgrove
of the North Carolina Shroats

Shroat relatives of
Jean Shroat Whitgrove

My great grandfather
James Hamilton Shroat
1849 - 1909

My grandfather
James Gordon Shroat

My father
James Henry Shroat
1904 -1957

My brother
James Lee Shroat

See the Shroat family resemblance of Willie Ann Shorat Melton,
of the Kentucky Shroats, shown below.
Her photo is from the John Thomas Shroat web page.

Willie Ann Shroat Melton
of KY

Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002
From: "Jean Whitgrove" <>
To: "Tom McKnight" <>
Subject: Shroat Family ...

Dear Tom,

My name is Jean Shroat Whitgrove and for some years have been researching my families history.

My father was born and raised in North Carolina as were his ancestors from the mid 1700's.

I believe the two families are related through Michael Shroat of Salisbury, NC. He died there in 1784.

It is my belief that Michael and his family came to America in 1731 on the ship Britannia, from Rotterdam.


Jean Shroat Whitgrove

P. S. Did you know that their are Shroat's still in PA and that some of the Shroat family were in MD in the 1800's?

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002
From: "Jean Whitgrove" <>
To: "Tom McKnight" <>
Subject: Shroat Family

Dear Tom,

Thanks for answering my e-mail. As I said in my e-mail to you I have been researching the Shroat family for some time and have always been convinced that the Shroat's of NC and the Shroat's of KY were of the same family.

I think the pictures tell the tale.

The first picture, as you know doubt know, is of Willie Ann Shroat Melton of KY, which I copied and cropped from the family group picture I found on your website.

The next pictures from left to right are my great grandfather James Hamilton Shroat- 1849 - 1909, my grandfather James Gordon Shroat - 1881-1939, my father James Henry Shroat 1904 -1957, and at the lower left my brother James Lee Shroat 1935.

Looking at the first three pictures there is a definite family resemblance, especially in eyes and the mouth.

I will write to your mother and Betty Shroat Riley regarding the Shroat Coat of Arms and will also copy this message to you mother.

Thanks again,

Jean Shroat Whitgrove

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005
From: "Jean Whitgrove" <>
To: "Tom McKnight" <>
Subject: Peter Shroat

Hi Tom:

It's been a few years since I last wrote to you, but recently I have resumed working on the history of the Shroat family in NC. I came upon this today, while organizing some of my papers, and I thought it may be of interest to you as it helps to prove that Peter did indeed come from North Carolina, in 1794. I still have not made the connection to the Shroats in PA and MD, but I continue to search.

Jean Shroat Whitgrove

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