Shroat Family Genealogy
centered on the family of
John Thomas Shroat

Family of John Thomas Shroat
(John Thomas is not shown, but his wife is)
(Approximate time of photo is early to mid 1920s)

Willie George Mary Thomas
Ann Francis Davis Warrie
Shroat Shroat Shroat Shroat
Melton Bailey (Sonnie)

Aunt Sara Mrs.
Rebecca Elizabeth Louisa
Shroat Bailey Shroat
Bailey Shroat Campbell
(Becky) Wife of
Sister of John Thomas
John Thomas

Excerpts from
Shroat Book
With information on John Thomas Shroat
Contains his decendants,
Hisservice in American Civil War.

Brother and sister whose children married and are my maternal grandparents
George Francis Shroat

Father of:
Mrs. Vida Lee Shroat Campbell
Uncle "Rock" Shroat
Mrs. Louisa Shroat Campbell

Mother of:
Henry Randolph Campbell

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