Nisbet, Napora,
Holton, Blythin

Detroit, Cleveland and more

Bert Nisbet and Steve Napora
Cindy, Nick and Chrissy Holton
Heather, Ed, Bailey and Briana Blythin

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by Kyle Blythin

Emma Lizabeth Holton
-was born to-
Nick Holton and Michelle
Born: 06/17/2009 - 5:02am - 7lb 1oz - 19"
Women's Health of Miamisburg Hospital, Dayton, OH

Do you remember, back in the day…
That ride in the wagon on a clear blue day…

Try to think back to when you were five
Didn't that ride, make you feel alive.

The roar of the wheels as the wind blows your hair
The rumble of the ground, as the end grows near.

The sweet simple joy of feeling so free
Life was never as perfect except when you were three…

by Heather Blythin
July 26, 2007

MacKenzie Marie Stall
Born October 25, 2005 - 6 pounds 5 ozs 19 1/2 inches
Born to Nick Holton and Michelle Stall
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Bailey and Briana
Christmas 2003

Cleveland Visit To
Chrissy, Heather, Cindy & families.
June, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio

Bert and Steve's new property.

Lumber River Scots

Cindy's 50th surprise birthday party. March 24, 2001

Casey - Bert and Steve's new dog! March, 2001

Bert & Steve - Europe July, 2000 trip

Chrissy's Graduation May 2000

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