Surprise 50th Birthday Party
Bert & Steve's home in
Plymouth, Michigan
March 24, 2001

A "Florida Blizzard" had to be endured
to get to Berts and Steve's home.

Christy, Chrissy and Heather planning the surprise
party with Cindy's best friend Patty.

The room is decorated.

Mama Heather hugs Brianna and Bailey

Cindy arrives! Does she seem surprised?

Cindy reads testimonials of rememberences about herself.
Do we see any tears?

Cindy with Bailey and Brianna's help tries to blow out the candles.

Now Nola and others read their own rememberences of Cindy.

Bill Moore's "Crossing the Equator" in April of 1941 certificate.

Cindy hugs her favorite!

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