Malone Family
Memphis and Capleville, Shelby County, Tennessee
Desoto County, Mississippi

Malone Sears Kit Home photos
From: "Rosemary Thornton"
Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 6:10 AM
Subject: About Dr. F. M. Malone

Hi Tom,

My name is Rose Thornton and I知 the author of several books on Sears Kit Homes. I知 also the owner of one of the largest private collections of Sears kit house ephemera. While doing some research on this topic, I found that there was a Sears Hamilton built by your ancestor, Dr. F. M. Malone.

It痴 taken me a couple days of hunting and poking around, but I知 so glad to have your email! (In fact, my friend Rachel found it for me!).

Did you know that Dr. Malone took a picture of his Sears Hamilton soon after it was built and sent it to Sears and Roebuck? They published it in their 1909 Sears Modern Homes catalog. What makes this so interesting is that this was one of the VERY FIRST Sears Homes ever built in this country. And Dr. Malone built the Sears Hamilton, which was a fairly rare model.

I do hope this remarkable and historically significant house is still standing.

And I do hope you値l take a look at the two blogs I wrote on Dr. Malone and send me a note. You値l see the photos at this site.

It痴 a fascinating story!!

Rosemary Thornton
Author, The Houses That Sears Built


I looked through what family photos I have and found a few with bits of the house showing but not much. You are more than welcome to share them with the woman working on the Sears House book. I doubt that they are much of what she was hoping for.

Regards and Happy New Year,
Mary Lou

Dr. F. H. Malone

Mrs. Malone (rt)
Late 1920s or 1930

Malone Jones Ross (middle) Mary Louise & Anne
Early 1920s

Peacock in front of Malone Home

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:10:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "M. L. Hunter" Subject: Alba R. Malone letter pages 1-5

Mr. McKnight,

My grandmother "Joe" left to us the attached delightful letter to her from her Cousin Alba, Alba R. Malone. You may enjoy the reference on page 2 to your father Thomas H. McKnight, Jr., and his brother as "both fine boys." On page 4 of this letter there is a reference to a letter from Cousin Alba's grandfather to my grandmother's grandmother, Martha Anderson Reese Malone Maddin. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of that letter? Martha A. R. Malone, wife of Ferdinand Plummer Maddin, was the daughter of Elizabeth Tucker Malone (12/21/1798-08/11/1856) and Thomas Hill Malone (08/08/1794-08/21/1869). Elizabeth Tucker Malone, and her parents Thomas Chappell Malone and Mary Chappell Malone, are buried in the Polly Malone Cemetery just South of Athens, Alabama. I have not seen these graves (a friend who lives in Athens helped me find them) but hope to visit the area before too long. Thomas Hill Malone is buried in the Maddin cemetery block in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, along with his daughters Lou Malone and Martha A. R. Malone Maddin. We visit their graves fairly often.

Hope this finds you and your family well. Your family web site is a wonderful way to celebrate your family history.

Our Best Wishes,

Cousin Marsha L. Hunter
Dallas, Texas

P. S. I can only send 5 pages at a time, and this letter has 6 pages, so I will have to send the last page in a separate email.

AlbaRMalone1.jpg - page 1 of 6
AlbaRMalone2.jpg - page 2 of 6
AlbaRMalone3.jpg - page 3 of 6
AlbaRMalone4.jpg - page 4 of 6
AlbaRMalone5.jpg - page 5 of 6
AlbaRMalone6.jpg - page 6 of 6
Note: This letter is still under construction.
------- Page 1 of 6 ------- Miss Alba R. Malone
3701 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washingon, D.C.
March 3, 1953

Dear Cousin Joe:
It was a delight to get your wonderful letter regarding the Malone history which with your permission, I wam forwarding to my sister Louise who is interested in joing the D.A.R. with the informa- tino you ????? so gracious to give I believe she can do so ????. ??? shall forever be in your debt.

As you know Uncle ??? history of 1892 was incomplete
------- Page 2 of 6 ------- because he ignored the d??? side. The unfortunate deat of his son Irvin, for whom he was preparing the famly history, while in college ??? ??? ?? abandon the engrossing work. Uncle Jim and Aunt Estelle had ???? children. One son died while a baby and the daughter Verney, was the only one who lived to be grown and married. She married Thoms H McKnight and had two sones, James Malone McKnight and Thomas H., Jr., both fine boys, married, and living in Memphis. Cousin Verney died quite young however in her early forties I believe.
------- Page 3 of 6 ------- If you should write Thomas Malone of Nashville, I feel sure he will fall for your ????? and will ecrtainly give you more detailed information if not a copy of his father's biography.

At My sisters Lau??? house (Mrs. M. M. Tuggle at Capleville, Tenn.) if you come to write at any time, ??? ?? quite an accumulation of old letters ?????ing to Uncle Jim as he ??? to be in constant correspondence with someone named Mlone when he was collecting data for his history. Use ???
------- Page 4 of 6 ------- to go through them before long and divide them out among the children and grandchildren particularly those who are interesed. There is our family letters, written by my grandfather to your grand- mother which is a ???? a th???. I particularly cherish it fo ti says "Ferdie (my father) is our most promising child"

I, too, have always wished I could know you well. M??? and cousin Jodie always spoke of you in the most glowing terms. I was priviledge to meet our mutual cousin, Ed Ai???worth, whe he was in Washington last spring.
------- Page 5 of 6 ------- I am most happy that you are writing dow these fascinating bits about family history for I know the will be greatly prized now and in the future. I am much interested for, although with my beloved brother's untimely death, I seem to feel a futility about it all and realize that I too must get very busy before it is too late.

My father as a country physician had such an interesting and worthwhile
------- Page 6 of 6 ------- life I have always thought. I had wanted him to write his biography and he did start with my help, but it never developed. Maybe I will do if get for the grand- children.

Thanks again Joe for your consideration and help. We may call on you for more information in the future, and I trust you will do the same.

I have distant and r??? memories of the visit to your home on our way to Mexico. I hope I may entertain you someday if you come to Washington.


Dr. Ferdinand Maddin Malone
Reniassance Man
Compiled by
Mary Lou Reed
(b.1958 - present year of 2005)

Malone Documents
Compiled by
Edward Russell Malone
(b.1947 - present year of 2005)
Malone Genealogy
As I know it
Bethelehem Cemetery
Resting place of many
Malone ancestors

Malone Homestead
Desoto County, Mississippi
Built 1860 - As seen 2003
Malone Siblings - 1914
Children of Dr. Franklin Jefferson Malone and Mary Louis Hardin
John T. Malone, Ella Malone, Robert Malone
Dr. Ferdiand M. Malone, Mayor James H. Malone, Judge Walter Malone

The porch is on the house of Uncle John which was situatied on the Malone Homestead referred to above. It is now gone. Uncle John's home is the house my father Thomas Harrison McKnight Jr. (1818-present), use to visit when he was very young in the 1920s with his grandfather the Mayor Malone, younger brother of Uncle John. Uncle John, the eldest of the Malone siblings, fought in the Civil War. He married after the war but his wife and children died in the 1880s. Uncle John never remarried but lived in this house and farmed it his whole life.

    Earlier in the year, Uncle John, the oldest of the family, had suffered a stroke and the rest of the family decided a picture should be made. Picture wasa made at the home of Robert F. Malone, which still stands on Holmes Road, by Poland Photographer of Memphis. Walter, the youngest of the family, died the following year, May 18, 1915. Uncle John died September 26, 1916. It was after Uncle John's death that Aunt Ella married Richard G. Watson, brother of Mrs. Nat Bowe.
Description written by grandson of Robert Malone
Thomas Franklin Malone Sr. (1818-present)
Memphis, Tennessee
January 31, 1987
October 31, 1915
(back row l. to r.)Mayor James H. Malone, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
(front row l. to r.)John Malone, (unknown), (unknown)
(child) Unknown - maybe James H. Malone Sr.

Malone Warriors
Willaim Thomas Malone
Brother of Dr. Franklin Jefferson Malone
whose children shown in photo above.

Born: August 13, 1817
Died: March 6, 1836
The Alamo, Texas

Bill Malone Society strikes again
John T. Malone
Eldest sibling in photo above .
Referred to above as Uncle John

Confederate Veteran Magazine

Malone Legal Brothers
Mayor James H. Malone
President Wm. Howard Taft
October 27, 1909

Walter H. Malone
Judge and Poet
On the Damascus Road Presents
Walter H. Malone
Poem Index by
Walter H. Malone
Memphis Court Square Monuments
Judge Walter H. Malone
Mayor James H. Malone

Malone Medical Malones
Coming one day.

Bethelehem Cemetery
Shelby County
Capleville, Tennessee

Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother
Mrs. Verney Alma Malone McKnight
1882 - 1923
Wedding Dress
Daughter of Mayor James H. Malone
Wife of Thomas Harrrison McKnight Sr.
Memories of
Estell Verney Malone
by Thomas Harrison McKnight Jr.

Mrs. Estelle Miller Malone
1857 - 1941
Wife of Mayor James Henry Malone
Mother of Mrs. Verny Alma Malone McKnight
Mrs. Ray Daguet
Mother of Mrs. Estelle Miller Malone
Grandmother of Mrs. Verny Alma Malone McKnight

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