Campbell, Rockwell,
Hartley, Montenaro

of Columbus, Ohio

Fran Campbell and Ron Rockwell
Tony, Becky and Gabriella Hartley
Bryan, Lisa, Jessie and Jordan Monenaro

Lisa, Jessie and Jordan
visit Mempis
Feb-March 2007

Lisa Burgess-Montenaro
College Graduation

Franklin University Graduation
Jan 7, 2003

Fran, Ron, Jessie, Tony, Becky & Gabriella - Florida June 2001

Brian Lisa, Jessie and Jordan Montenaro - October 2000

Hartleys visit Cowleys- Palm Harbor, Florida, June 2000

Tony, Becky & Gabriella visit Florida, June 2000

Gabriella Nicole Hartley
First child of Tony & Becky Hartley

Below are Jordan's cousin Gabriella and sister Jessie.
Gabriella (7 months) and Jessica (4 years)
Fran's two grandchildren

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