Gabriella(1) Makes 1st Trip to Florida
and visits their cousins, the Cowley family.
Gabriella brings dad Tony & and mom Becky with her.
Summer 2001

Becky, Tony, Sandy, Allie(12), Ashley(15), Gabriella(1) and Stephanie(15)
pose for the traditional group shot.
In front of Cowley home on Tendring Circle, Palm Harbor, Florida


Ashley (blue) and Stephanie (pink)
get to know their new cousin.

That's Mark, Ashley's new squeeze.

Allie teaches Gabriella to walk.

Stephanie, Becky, Tony and the center of attention
in the Cowley's kitchen.

The Hartleys visit Tom's apartment
but are not allowed to sit on the couch.

Gabriella is very unhappy about how Rosy is
looking at her Cheerios in the bag.