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subject: John C. Giles and wife Elizabeth Pettus

Family Group Report - 21 Nov 2001

Husband: John C. Giles
Birth: 1797 Place: NC
Death: 4 Apr 1872 Place: Suqualena, MS
Burial: Place: Suqualena Cemetery, Suqualena, MS
Tombstone Inscription: "No Pain, No Grief, No Sorrow
Can Reach This Peaceful Sleeper"
Father: William GILES (1773-)
Mother: Lydia WOOD (1775-)

Marriage: 28 Jan 1828
Place: Johnston Co., NC

Wife: Elizabeth PETTUS (PITTES)
Birth: Jan 1807 Place: NC
Death: 18 Nov 1903 Place: Suqualena, MS
Burial: Place: Suqualena Cemetery, Suqualena, MS
Tombstone Inscription: "The Pains Of Death Are Past
Labor And Sorrow Cease, And Life's Long Warfare Closes,
Her Soul Is Found In Peace"


1. F Child: Elizabeth Jane (Betty) (Liza) GILES
Birth: About 1829 Place: Johnston Co., NC
Death: Place: TX
Spouse: Terrance CAHAL
Marriage: 23 Sep 1858 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS

2. M Child: James A. (Jim) GILES
Birth: Mar 1832 Place: GA
Death: After 1880
Spouse: Caroline Ellis (C. H.) WELLS
Marriage: 23 Jun 1855 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS

3. M Child: Jacob GILES
Birth: About 1833

4. M Child: Richard Lavert (Robert R L) GILES
Birth: May 1842 Place: Livingston, Sumpter Co., AL
Spouse: Arabella McKNIGHT - sister of William Thomas McKnight
Marriage: 13 Dec 1867 Place: Sumter Co., AL

5. F Child: Lida (Liza) GILES
Birth: About 1837

6. M Child: Calvin T. GILES
Birth: About 1840 Place: AL
Spouse: Amanda F. (Mandy) WELLS
Marriage: 11 Nov 1860 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS

7. M Child: Stephen Walter GILES
Birth: About 1843 Place: AL
Death: Place: Glendale, Forrest Co., AL
Burial: Place: Glendale Community Cemetery
Spouse: Mary Jane THAMES
Marriage: 1 Oct 1867 Place: Sumter Co., AL

8. M Child: Nathaniel Thomas (Nat) GILES
Birth: 12 May 1844 Place: Russellville, Franklin Co., AL
Death: 18 Apr 1928 Place: Hattiesburg, Forest Co., MS
Burial: Apr 1928 Place: Glendale Community Cemetery
Spouse: America Antoinette (Nettie) LANGFORD
Marriage: Place: McCainville, Sumter Co., AL

9. M Child: Caleb GILES
Birth: About 1846

10. F Child: Mary F. GILES
Birth: 29 Jul 1843
Death: 17 Jan 1897
Burial: Place: Rawls Cemetery Lamar Co. MS.
Spouse: Daniel JOHNSON
Marriage: 3 May 1868 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS

11. F Child: Sarah Winifred GILES
Birth: 22 Mar 1851 Place: Newton, MS
Death: 28 Feb 1943 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS
Burial: Mar 1943 Place: Suqualena Community Cemetery, Suqualena, MS
Occupation: Mother And Housewife
Spouse: Starling J. JOHNSON

12. F Child: Camilla Pernecy GILES
Birth: May 1853 Place: Hattiesburg, Forrest Co., MS
Spouse: Franklin (Frank) SALAS®3
Marriage: 7 Aug 1879 Place: Newton Co., MS

13. F Child: Lillie GILES
Birth: About 1855 Place: MS

14. M Child: John Hiram GILES
Birth: About 1858 Place: MS
Spouse: (John Giles) ISON
Marriage: 1876
Spouse: Jennie SAVOR
Marriage: 1878 Place: Lauderdale Co., MS
Spouse: Eugenia WATKINS
Marriage: Oct 1882 Place: Wayne Co., MS
Spouse: Linney Coke HERRINGTON
Marriage: 1919

Husband’s Notes...

Birth confirmed by US Census 1870
Notes from Allen, Elizabeth (Libby) and William Gideon Allen, Aug, 1998, Houston, TX, Bonnie Bess Wood Suqualena Cemetery Records "Ancestral File -LDS" Rivers Giles, Oct. 1998 [Ireland]
Death date confirmed by Allen & Allen & Suqualena Cemetery Records 1870 MS Lauderdale Co., MS Census, Beat 3 Meridian, pg 106, household 284-284:
John Giles 12, M, born in NC (my note: I suspect that the age 12 is either a typo in the transcribed census book, or peraps the person who did the transcribing couldn't decipher John's age on the census film. John may have been age 72, expecially since he was born in NC, not in MS. You would have to check thecensus film to be sure).
-Elizabeth Giles 62, F, born in NC
-Sarah W. Giles 19, F, born in GA
-Pernecy C. Giles 17, F, born in MS

This Giles family is not listed in Lauderdale Co., MS in the 1860 census. but it appears that Sarah may have had a sister who married a brother or cousin of Starling J. Johnson in 1868. Rita Litchfield 25 Mar 1999.

Jonhston County Roots Web response from Victor Edwards: 9 May 1999: Billie, from the books I have, it looks like your John Giles may be the son John Giles who was the son of Nathaniel Giles. Of course, this is a big assumption and you may have to check other counties for wills, deeds, etc.

Johnston Co. NC Will Abstracts 1746 - 1870 Vol I & II
by Elizabeth E. Ross

Nathaniel Giles Apr. 30, 1790 Prob. Feb. Ct. 1791 Wife Charity Giles - Plantation where I now live, making use of the timber that is necessary to support & repair house; household furn.; tools; livestock, during her lifetime, then to son William. Son William Giles - 150 ac. land where I live; a tract adj. on SS Middle Creek.
150 ac. I bought from son John Giles.
320 ac. on Sassariea, to be sold by Exec. at public sale & money to be divided equal between children.
Exec: Charity Giles, John Giles.
Wit: Hardy Bryan, William Ward.

Kinsfolk of Johnston County - Abstracts of Deeds 1759-1825
Volume I by Elizabeth Ross

Jan. 4, 1792 William Giles of Johnston County to John Giles of Lenior County L170, tracts (1) 100 ac. NS Middle Creek where Nathaniel Giles dec. lived adj. Colo Hardy Bryan, John Giles & William Bryan... being part of tract granted to William Bryan 17 Dec. 1764... (2) 105 ac. SS Middle Creek adj. above tract, William Bryan, Juniper Branch... part of tract pat. by William Bryan, 21 Apr. 1755 conv. to William Giles... other part of pat. by John Giles & by him to Nathaniel Giles by his LW & T...
Wit: Etheld Smith, Alexdr Avera, Alexander Penny
Feb. Ct. 1792

Sept. 1, 1791 John Giles of Dobbs County to Samuel Smith Jr. for L40 2sh, land by Will the prop. of Nathaniel Giles, dec.... granted 13 Dec. 1779 NS Black Creek, BS Sarseriser Swamp & BS new road adj. David Smith line...
(no ac. given)
Wit: Edward Blurton, Bryan Whitfield, Malacha Wimberly
Aug. Ct. 1792

Sept. 1, 1791 Malcom Giles of New Bern to Bryan Whitfield of Dobbs County for L60, 200 ac. on Poplar Br. near Rands corner, adj. Samuel Smith, William Bryan & Blurton...
Wit: Benj Cobb, N Powell, Lovery Bryan
May Ct. 1792

June 1, 1797 John Giles of Jones County to Hardy Bryan Johnston County for L400, plantation in Johnston Co. BS Middle Creek on SS Nuse River... (6 tracts=724 ac.)...
Wit: John Bryan, Lydia McCullers
May Ct. 1797

There are two mentions of deed transactions in 1809 & 1810 "adjacent William Bryan, John Giles line.." After that, I see no more mentions in my deed abstract books.

Johnston County Marriages 1764-1867 by Charlotte D. Meldrum shows the following:

William Giles m Lydia Wood Aug. 27, 1793
Bondsman: John Wood

Nathaniel Giles m. Mary Ann Bridgers June 1, 1794
Bondsman: Hardy Bryan

John Giles m. Betsy Johnson Jan. 25 1808
Bondsman: Philip Johnson

William Giles m. Nancy Stancill Jan. 23, 1826
Bondsman: Bryant Adams

John Giles m. Eliza Pettis June 28, 1828
Bondsman: James K. Barber

Based on the above marriage records and the fact that you say John was born ca. 1797, then the only two candidates for John's father are Nathaniel m. 1793 & William m. 1794. Sorry I was unable to make any definite connection.
It looks like you will have to do some "diggin".
Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States, General Land Office. List the following:
Aliquot Section Township Range Meridian Accession
Parts NR.
NENE 4 21-N 13-E ST. STEPHENS AL0420_078
SWSE 33 22-N 13-E " " AL0470_211
NENW 14 9-S 5-W HUNTSVILLE AL4170_147
SWNW " " " "
NWSW " " " " "

Residences of John Giles and Elizabeth Pettus: Georgia (1830);
Russellville, Franklin Co., AL(May 1844); Newton, Newton Co., MS (March 1851); Meridian, Lauderdale Co., MS (1870); Suqualena, Lauderdale Co., MS (obit Apr 1872)

Wife’s Notes...

Confirmed by US Census 1870
Notes from Allen, Elizabeth (Libby) and William Gideon Allen, Aug, 1998, Houston, TX, Bonnie Bess Wood Suqualena Cemetery Records "Ancestral File -LDS" Rivers Giles, Oct. 1998 [Ireland]
E-mail from Bill Allen a forward from Hunter Ferrell, Louisville, KY hferrell@couriernet, 10 Apr 1999 "Marriages of Johnston County, North Carolina 1762 - 1868" Brent H. Holcomb, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1985, p. 43 Giles, John & Eliza Pittes, 28 Jan 1828; James K. Barber, bm

There is another entry on the same page for: Giles, John & Betsy Johnson, 25 Jan 1808; Philip Johnson, bm.

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 02:23:46 -0500
From: Bill Allen

To: Bonnie Bess Wood ,
"Billie H. DeVane"
Subject: Elizabeth Pettus

Bonnie and Billie,

I have a better birthday for Elizabeth Pettus -- January, 1807. I got this from the census when she was living in the Starling Johnson household --
U.S. Census, 1900, Mississippi, Lauderdale Co., Beat #3, Daleville, Vol. 27, E.D. 23, Sheet 2, Line 40.


U S Census
1900 [b. Jan 1807; living with Sterling Johnson]

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