Roster of
Armistead Cavalry Brigade
12th Mississippi Cavalry
16th Confederate Cavalry
Company "A"
Company "H"

In loving rememberence only.

This very incomplete roster comes from a letter written by my great-grandfather William Thomas McKnight, who joined Armistead's Cavalry Brigade, a.k.a. the12th Mississippi Cavalry and the16th Confederate Cavalry, in September of 1863 in Gainsville, Alabama. He originally joined Company "A" and then transferred to Company "H".

In August of 1910, W.T. McKnight answered a letter from Thomas M. Owens L.L.D., asking for a roster list of the 16th Confederate Cavalry. Mr. Owen was the Alabama State Archivist, who was writing any living members of the 16th Confederate Cavalry asking for a complete roster, or at least a rememberance of members of this cavalry unit.

The Alabama Department of Archives and History has copies of many of Mr. Owens letters and the responses he received to his letters. Jim Moore, a decendant of William S. Moore, another 16th Confederate Cavalry veteran, obtained copies of these letters and sent copies to me. Among them were letters from my great-grandfather W.T. McKnight.

Below is my first attempt putting together a roster of the 16th Confederate Cavalry. The list only comes from the letter of W.T. McKnight from what he could remeber some 45 years after the Civil War. The names from the other letters of Civil War veterans who responsed to Mr. Owens requests, have yet to be transscribed. It is a slow process particularly because it is difficult to read the names on the handwritten letters.

6-June-2000 Added two new names to Company "A", Miles Washington Pond and William S. Baskin. Thanks to Virginia Kobler

11-Dec-2000 Added to Company "A" James Ervin Woolf thanks to Dr. Don Ervin Woolf, his gg-grandson.

16th Confederate Cavalry Roster

Company "A"

Winston, James Capt
Roberson Lieut
Jackson, John Lieut
Wrenn?, Geo Sgt
Bradshaw, Jno. Sgt (later 2nd Lt. of Co. K)
Rosser Sgt
Lide Sgt
Traylor Cpl
Allen Private
Anderson Private
Clay Private
C?hoon Private
Chambers Private
Drish Private
Fvy Private
Gilbert Private
Weerwood Private
Leed Private
Lee Y? Private
Lewis Private
Lavendey? Private - Uriah Lavender
Moore Private
Holacvar Private
Hord? Private

Miles Washington Pond
William S. Baskin

James Ervin Woolf

Company "H"

Isbell, Jas. B. Capt.
Anderson 1st Lieut
Albritten 2nd Lieut
Hutton 3rd Lieut
Sullivan, Wiley 1st Sgt
Anderson, James Cpl
Hooks, C.W. Private Sumter County, AL
Hooks, D.W. Private Sumter County, AL
Rogers, Geo W. Private Sumter County, AL
McKnight, W.T. Private Sumter County, AL

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