Confederate Statue Donations
Sumter County Courthouse
Livingston, Alabama


Livingston, Ala., May 6, 1908
Confederate Monument.

It is the purpose of the Sumter
Chapter United Daughters of the
Confederacy to erect in the Court
House Square of Livingston a monu-
ment to our Confederate solders.
The daughters desire that special
honor shall be paid to those solders
who went from Sumter County, and
to those who, though they were
not Sumter men, may have loy-
ing friends in Sumter who wish to
pay honor to their heroism. The
shaft of the monument is divided in-
to sections or bricks. The pay-
ment of $10.00 for a brick will allow
the contributor to have inscribed on
it the name, the regiment, etc., of a
Confederate solder.
Up to the present date the names
are as follows:

Mrs. J. M. Winston $10 for Capt. J. M. Winston
Mrs. Laura Little $10 for Hon. W. G. Little
Mrs. W. H. Lawrence $10 for Capt. Wm H. Lawrence.
Mrs. A. M. Tartt $20 for ________
Judge P. B. Jarman $10 _______
Mrs. W. D. Battle $10 for W. D. Battle.
Mrs. Kate Chapman $10 Hon. reuben Chapman.
Mrs. T. M. Tartt $10 for Mr. Thos. E. Cowan.
Mrs. B. C. Hunter $10 for Mr. B. C. Hunter.
Mr. R. B. Callaway $10 for Mr. J. BW. Callaway.
Capt. J. P. Spratt $10 for J. P. Spratt.
Mrs. C. J. Brockway $10 for Capt. Ben B. Little
Mrs. A. E. Moore $10 for Capt. Jas.M. Henagan.
Mr. Frank J. Gowdey $10 for Dr. A.E. Moore.
Mrs. Maude Gowdey $10 for Mr. E. L. Henagan.
Mr. G. C. Gowdey $10 for Mr. Henery C. Gowdey.
His children $10 for Mr. J. M. Sullivan.
Eugene Williams $10 for Mr. A. Hutton.
Mrs. E. F. Williams $10 for Mr. A. Hutton.
Mrs. E. F. Williams $10 for Mr. __ Hutton.
Mr. N. A. Stuart $10 for Nr. N. A. Stuart.
His daughters $10 for Mr. Andrew Arrington.
Mrs. W. W. Smith $10 for Mr. John B. Lanford.
Mrs. B. J. Lee $10 for Mr. J. B. Lee.
Mrs. T. J. Lee $10 for Mr. H. O. Knight.
Mr. W. B. Henegan $10 for Mr. C. S. Henegan.
His sisters $10 for Dr. Samuel J. Arringon.
Contributed $10 by Mrs. J. B. Cobbs.
Mr. Edgar J. Hodges $10 for Mr. Jasper Clay Hodges.
Mrs. W. T. McKnight $10 for Mr. W. T. McKnight.
Contribution $20 by Mrs. J. C. Arrington.
Mrs. A. G. Hawkins $10 for Mr. T. S. Hunter.
Mrs. A. G. Hawkins $10 for Mr. John M. Scarborough.
Mr. W. W. Oliver $10 for Mr. R. P. Oliver
Mrs. Eva Arrington $10 Mr. Tully Cunningham.
Mrs. Birdie Pinson $10 Mr. Alexander Gelger.
Mr. J. H. Pinson $10 for Dr. H. Pinson.
Mrs. J. H. $10 for Mr. D. O. McKinley.
Mrs. M. A. Arrington $10 for Mr. Edward C. Arrington.
Mrs. Evan Allison $10 for Capt. A. J. Derby.
Mr.Evan Allison $10 for Lieut. William Wiley.
Frank Eason and Mrs. Johnson $10 for Mr. E. C. Eason.
Contributed $25 by Mr. John H. Sherad.
Mrs. E. T. Wallace and J. P. Ward $10 for Mr. F. M. Ward.
Mr. Henry D. Long $10 for Mr. W. P. Long.
His sons $10 for D. H. Fellows.
His children $10 for Judge W. R. DeLoach.
Mr. R. T. Thorton and Miss H. R. Thorton $10 for Mr. Rew Thorton.
Mrs. Kate Kennedy $10 for Mr. J. T. Kennedy.
Miss Lucy Cobbs $10 for Maj. Thos. Cobbs.
Mrs. Dainwood $10 for Mr. James Ustick.
Mrs. J. W. Gordon $10 for Mr. J. T. Ormond.
Mr. Charlie Allison $10 for Mr. William Allison.
Miss Mattie Maggard $10 for Lieut. D. H. Maggard.
Mrs. Fred Mellen $10 for _______
Mr. Mason Harris $10 for Mr. Henry Harris.
Contributed $1 by Mrs. henry McKensie.
Mr. R. H. Long $10 for Mr. T. M. Long.
Mrs. Ed. Wrenn $10 for Mr. I. R. Wilson.
His children $10 for Capt. T. H. Lake.
Nieces and nephew $10 for Lieut. W. O. Winston.
$10 for John D. McInnis.
Mrs. T. L. Smith $10 for Mr. J. Reid Ramsay.
Mr. T. V. White $10 for Mr. David Campbell White.
Mrs. C. W. McMahon and Mrs. T. V. White $10 for Mr. Thomas Watson Winston.
Mrs. Nonnie B. Sprott $10 for Capt. S. H. Sprott.
Mr. J. R. Jackson and Mr. J. P. Jackson $10 for Mr. John Jackson.
Mr. T. A. Hawkins $10 for Mr. W. H. Hawkins and $10 for Mr. J. T. Hawkins.
Mr. J. W. Ramasay $10 for J. W. Wrenn.
John H. Norville $10 for Lieut. Wm. H. Green.
His children $10 for Lieut. R. S. Mason.
Mr. W. A. Williams $10 for Mr. George W. Williams.
Mrs. William Winslett $10 for Mr. O. E. Smith.
Mr. Earnest Mitchell $10 for Mr. D. W. Mitchell.
Mrs. Fred Mellen $10 for _______
Contributed $2 by Mrs. John S. Johnson.
Mrs. J. W. Ramsey $10 for Mr. Z. M. Hoit.
Mr. B. R. Ivy $10 for Mr. James B. Ivy.

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