Sharron McAvoy
who is decended from
Sarah Winnie Giles

From: "Sharron McAvoy" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002
Subject: Giles-Pettus

I have been working on this family for many years and have visited the Suqualena Cemetery and "Starling Place" many times.

My descent is through Sarah Winnie Giles and Sterling Johnson.

Looking over your good research, I wondered if you have discovered any Revol. War ancestors, because it is possible that the fathers of Wm. Giles and Lydia Wood were patriots and could have come from Virginia.

I am Registrar of the Shreveport Chapter DAR and would like to place one of those ancestors in as a supplementary.

I am also interested in family pictures, and I do have one of Elizabeth Pettus Giles, and I will be researching in NC and would welcome any clues on this family.

Sharron McAvoy

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