Email from
Sharlene Johnson Jordan
about her Giles ancestors

To: Tom McKnight
From: "Sharlene Johnson Jordan" <>
Subject: James Andrew Giles
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005

Dear Tom,

I was just playing around today and found your info on John C Giles. My Aunt Helen would be so excited if she were still alive. About 25-30 years ago she tried so hard to find out about John and Elizabeth. I have been to their grave sites many times with her. I have found out some information in the last year, but not as much as you have (I think).

My Grandparents were James Thomas Giles and Fannie Nichols Giles. Granddad was the son of James Andrew Giles. Also been to his burial place. I have quite abit of info on that generation. Also ON Sarah and Sterling Johnson, as my Father was a Johnson related to Sterling. When I was growing up, a went to a number of Giles reunions with my aunts

My parents were from Newton Co., Mississippi, but moved to New Mexico when married. I grew up in New Mexico, but have been a Texan since 1958.

I am excited about your info. Hope this is still your address.

Best Regards,

Sharlene Johnson Jordan
San Antonio, TX

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