Emails from
Joycelyn Jackson Ulbricht
about her great grandmother
Elizabeth Jane Giles
daughter of
John C. Giles

from: "Joycelyn Ulbricht" <>
to: Tom McKnight
date: Sun, 03 Mar 2002
subject: Giles, Elizabeth Jane


My name is Joycelyn Jackson Ulbricht and my great grandmother was Elizabeth Jane Giles.

She was married to Terrance Cahal and they had seven (7) children.

I saw your entry in Ancestry. com.

I didn't have the name of her mother and had her father listed as Ruben.

I have a copy of Elizabeth and Terrance's marriage license from Lauderdale, Miss.

My information on the Cahal side of the family is sketchy, but I am willing to share what I have and would appreciate any additional information on the Giles family.

Thank you,
Joycelyn Ulbricht.

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