Emails from
Pat Morrissey
about his wife's great-great-grandfater
Colonel John Tripp
surgeon to
Armistead's Calvary

From: "Pat Morrissey" <>
To: "Tom McKnight" <>
Subject: Company Surgeon for Armistead's Calvary
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002

I also read about your great,great grandfather who served with Armistead's Calvary. I believe that my wife's great/great was his surgeon - Colonel John Tripp - his son Percy apparently went on to graduate from West Point in 1880.

Anyway, I find out this morning that Percy was the Colonel and that we are unsure of the surgeon's rank (if any). The surgeon (I'll try to get his first name) learned his vocation in barber school, which apparently, was common back then. I have a very interesting letter that was written by Percy, recounting his youth.

I never was a Civil War buff, but happened upon Gettysburg one day, on the way back from a family vacation. It was very moving - what happened there. My sister-in-law lives in Oak Ridge TN, and we used to go south every summer & stay at her lake house. I'd schlep the wife & kids to (too many) battlefields on the way, there & back.

A very difficult time in American history.


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