Emails from
Stuart Boyd
about his ancestor
Uriah Lavender
member of
12th Mississippi Calvary, Company "A"

From: "Stuart Boyd"
To: "Tom McKnight"
Subject: 12th missippi calvary
Date: Sept, 20 2001

i am a descendant of william uriah lavender,co. a 12th miss .cav. i dont have a lot of info on him yet, but am researching it. when i find out more ill let you know. i really apreciate your web page on the 12th. i got really intrested in my heritage a few years ago and so far i have found on both my mother and fathers sides enough confederate soldiers to start a small company. most were from alabama but a few were from mississippi.

stuart boyd
cahawba rifles camp s.c.v.
bibb county ,alabama

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