Email from
David Neel
about his gg-grandfather
John W. Bradshaw
member of
2nd Lt. Company "K" 12th Mississippi Cavalry

From: Dave Neel <>
Subject: 2nd Lt. John W. Bradshaw
Date: 13 Oct 2004

Hi Tom,

Tom, just found your site and noted Mike's post regarding unknowns buried at LaFayette. My Great-great grandfather John W. Bradshaw is listed in Spence's report as mortally wounded, but when it ain't your time, it ain't your time. Though shot through the arm and in the abdomin, the latter usually a mortal wound, Bradshaw was captured, recovered from his wounds in Yankee hands and spent the balance of the war at Johnson's Island.

He lived out his life in Gainesville, but died in 1899 (if memory serves) while in the care of my great-grandmother in Livingston. Because of road conditions, he was not taken home to Gainesville, but was buried at Myrtlewood in Livingston, as was his comrade, W.T. McKnight.

Dave Neel
Birmingham, Alabama

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