Email from
David M. Cahoon
about his great-uncle
W. H. Cahoon
who was
Company "H"
Armistead's Cavalry

From: David M. Cahoon
Subject: Confederate Statue in Livingston County, Alabama
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 06:44:37 -0400

Dear Tom,

Thanks so much for your quick response.

I actually came across a list of donors for the Livingston statue and noticed that no one from our family had paid to have a "brick" inscribed with uncle William's name. The average donation was $ 10.00, which may have been very hard to come by in those days. However, there were a bunch of Cahoons around and it is a shame they did not see the value in this purchase. W.H.'s headstone does mention his service even though it is not a government stone.

I have also discovered that W.T. & W.H. were both in company "H". They both were transferred from Company "A" to Company "H" for some reason.

By the way. . . .I appreciate everything W.T. did to help W.H. with his pension.I am quite sure it was needed. W.H. suffered the effects of a wound received at Shiloh, ( He initially enlisted in the 21st Alabama Infantry ) for the remainder of his life. He joined Armistead's Cavalry in Gainsville after his year ran out with the 21st.

I will be glad to send you copies of your G-Grand Dad's signature on the Pension application if you wish.

Thanks again for your follow-up.

David M. Cahoon
Birmingham, Alabama

From: Tom McKnight
Sent: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 9:47 pm
Subject: Confederate Statue in Livingston County, Alabama


I wondered about the statue years ago around 1990 when I first started doing my research.

I thought that maybe since my g-grandfather's name was a little bigger, it meant he had a higher rank in Armistead's calvary. Then my father and I met with a now deceased long time resident of Livingston.

He was a old lawyer Mason McDonald and still practicing although he was then blind. I asked him about the statue and the meaning of the size of the names on it.

He said the names on it were confederate veterans who had simply paid to have their names on the monument. If they paid more, their names were bigger. I was a little disappointed, but now I laugh about it.

"Young men fight wars and men when old, build monuments to those wars" is a quote I have heard.

I am sure our ancestors would be pleased that here more than a hundred years latter, two of their descendants were making contact.

So I am please to connect with you.

Tom McKnight III
Memphis, TN
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:07:28 EDT
Subject: Greetings

My great great uncle W. H. Cahoon served with W.T. in Armisteads Cavalry. For some reason he is not listed on the monument in Livingston.

W.T. witnessed my uncles application for a pension. Obviously they must have been acquaintances if not friends.

David M. Cahoon

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