Holmes County, Mississippi
Unit Rosters
as compiled by
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Thanks to Raymond 'Tack' Tate for this information.

--Page 30--

To Holmes County Camp. N0. 398 U. C. V.

The Rosters of the Military Companies and miscellaneous lists of soldiers in the Confederate army from Holmes County are as near correct as can be had from the various sources of information. The Committee has had to reply upon the memory of the old soldiers, and citizens, for information, not having access, to any war record. Our correspondence on the subject has extended into various parts of Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama and Florida. Some names may appear on two, different rosters, and if they do, it is in cases where, by wound, sickness or other causes, discharges were granted, and reenlistment occurred.

Sketches of the services by the different companies are meager,. but are as full as your Committee could make them, with their data at hand.

Doubtless many names have been omitted; if so it is to be regretted. As per the rosters, Holmes County, out of a white, population of 5,806 in 1860, had in the. Confederate army - 1,476 soldiers.


-- Page 43 & 44 --

This Company was first in General Pillow's Brigade; next in Col. Armistead's, in which it served to the end of the war. Did service in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Surrendered at Meridian in 1865.

Transfered and renamed Company "E", Armistead's Brigade
J. T. McBee, Captain, Alexander, Licurgus,
P. C. Richardson, Ist Lieut., Anderson, Dave,
W. H. Ray, 2nd Lieutenant, Anderson, George
J. A. Kimbro, 3rd Lieutenant, Austin, Henry,
Louis Richardson, 1st Sergeant, Bunch, __. __.,
Pink C. Garrett, 2nd Sergeant, Brown, S. T.,
Wm. Scarborough, 3rd Sgt., Burt, William
Ross Nesbitt, 4th Sergeant, Brown, L. D.,
T. A. Lunsford, 1st Corporal, Boatwright, Walton
Geo. G. Fryer, 2d Corporal, Brock, W. D.
Adams, George, Brock, E. R.
Anderson, Levi, Bay , T. A.,
Arnold, __. __., Brock, Allen,
Anderson, James, Baker, Marshall,
Alexander, G. W. Boone, J. M.,
Baughn, Henry, Johnson, Joe E.,
Baughn, Robert F., Johnson, I. R.,'
Botters, John, Johnson, Post,
Boswell, Thomas, Johnson, Press,
Brough, George, Johnson, A. C.,
Boyle, William, Jr., Johnson, Miles,
Cartwright, William, Jones, E. W.
Carter, Jas., Jones, V. E.,
Corregan, Peter, Jones, Robert,
Caruthers, Brown, Jones, Dr.,
Crowley, Jack, Jones, Joe,
Capshaw, Dr. C. C., Jordan, William H.,
Darnell, Abe, Jordan, Pleas,
Darnell, Joe, Jordan, William,
Davis, John, Jackson, W. P.,
Donovan, Pat., Kennedy, Pat.,
Eakin, F. W., Land, Thomas,
Eakin, Thomas A., Lyon, L. L.,
Evans, James M., Montgomery, John G.,
Evans, John C., McKinnie, __. __.,
Fahah, __. __., McCarty, John,
Gormillian, Andy, Moseley, J. T.,
Graham, Thomas, McAlister, __. __.,
Griffin, B. Frank, Mercer, James W.,
Graham, Jeff, McDonald, A. W.,
Goss, John, Neal, William,
Goss, Hiram, Norwitch, Solomon,
Grace, Walker, O'Leary, Pat,
Gilliam, Wilson, Patterson, Bivine,
Garvin, __. __. Patterson, William,
Hargrave, Thomas, Perry, __. __.,
Hooker, A. C., Proctor, Malcomb,
Harding, Sim, Quimby, Robert,
Hale, William, Reed, Richard,
Harrowitch, , Jake, Reed, Thomas,
Helmer, Joe, Reed, J. D.,
Helmer, X., Ray, William,
Herndon, William, Spellman, D.,
Holmes, A. M., Stafford, __. __.,
Holmes, Jonas, Stockwell, __. __.,
Holt, W. H., Sorrells, F. M.,
Hewett, W. H., Saxby, William,
Holly, __. __., Simmons, Ben,
Houghston, W. H., Shipp, W. W.,
Howard, Sam, Street, Marcina,
Ingold, Peter, Thomas, William,
Johnson, W. P., Trainer, Thomas,
Johnson, Chas. L., Tyson, William

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